At the entrance to the next sim was a woman casting a spell on people before they dove into the endless expanse of water ahead. Wyona shifted a bit nervously and when she reached the woman asked, “What are you casting?”

The woman smiles reassuringly and responded, “A simple underwater breathing spell so you can enjoy the Depths.” She raised her hands and cast the spell and waved a hand towards the water.

Wyona took a deep breath and dived in. She was surprised to note the water didn’t sting her eyes or wet her clothes.

As she traveled deeper she found a teeming market with both mer people and travelers. Among the kelp and fish at the edges of the market she noticed guards. One in pastel colors particularly caught her eye and she tried not to stare.

She saw the guard look back at her and gave a little nod and slight smile. Turning away she went to check out the shops.


Hair – Ayashi – Yukari (@ Fameshed)

Head – Catwa – Uma

Eyes – Rainbow Sundae – Beautiful Creatures Bright (@ FF2020)

Diadem – Reliquary – Draconic Diadem (@ FF2020)

Skin – Glam Affair – Maya

Tattoo – Even-tide – Wisps (@ FF2020)

Top – Malified – The Bard Queen Top (@ FF2020)

Tail – Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail – Holographics 2

Location – Melusina’s Depths


Next, Wyona came upon a desert oasis. There didn’t seem to be many people around or any market. As she wandered further into the Oasis she came across a woman in a kimono that looked approachable.

“Excuse me. Where are all of the shops?” Wyona asked.

The woman turned and responded with a smile. “This is where people meet to share knowledge of writings and books.”

“Where might I find the gathering spot?”

“It is that way. It is a clearing with many cushions.” The woman pointed along the path.

Wyona smiled in thanks and continued in that direction. Eager to join the sharing of knowledge offered.


Hair ornaments – Air – Ichie Silver (@ FF2020)

Hair – Firelight – Katelyn Gen2 Rainbow (@ FF2020)

Head – Genus – Strong

Forehead Gem/Tattoo – The Little Bat – Aelia Dermal and Tattoo (@ FF2020)

Eyeshadow – AE – Fantasy Eyeshadow 03 Pink (@ FF2020)

Eyes – The Little Bat – Lyric Eyes (@ FF2020)

Skin – ND/MD – Boo Light BOM (@ FF2020)

Tattoo – Kumiho – Diana BOM Fresh (@ FF2020)

Dress – Ade Yakko – Kataoshi (@ FF2020)

Location – Drifts of Anamnesis


The next place Wyona came across was darker and gloomier with sunken ships spread along the beaches. The ships were old and weathered as if they had been there for years. The market was once again bustling with people both selling and buying goods.

Turning a corner she found herself almost bumping into a demon in the garb of a pirate.

The piratess scowled in her direction and grumbled, “Away with ye. On important business I am.” She brought her hand up and surveyed the crowd that was slightly below.

Wyona took one last look and scurried off back into the crowded marketplace.


Horns – Plastik – Lavai Horn Deco (@ FF2020)

Hair – Analog Dog – Sinai Variety (@ FF2020)

Head – Genus – Strong

Skin – Ab. Fab Skins – Eir Nightshade Skin (@ FF2020)

Eyes – A.D.D. Andel! – Galaxy Eyes RFL No Pupil (@ FF2020)

Necklace – Rise Design – Mythos Necklace (@ FF2020)

Dress – Belle Epoque – Anne FF20 (@ FF2020)

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Reverie Boots Tan (@ FF2020)

Location – Isle of Shadows @ Fantasy Faire 2020


As Wyona approaches the faire she comes into a world of reds and oranges. It appeared to be a small town in the middle of fall and was beautiful. She grinned and began to browse through the many stores happy to know all she spent went to a good cause.

She marveled at all of the various creatures and races that were attending the faire as well as the variety of the wares. As she explored she came across a centaur.

They seemed to be guarding something so she did not approach too closely but could not help but stare at them for much longer than was respectful.


Horns – Jinx – Cervine Antlers – Fine (@ FF2020)

Hair – Knox – Heather (Subscriber gift)

Head – Genus – Strong

Skin – Soul – Jalyn Ranitormeya (@ FF2020)

Eyes – Birth – Glimmer Eyes (@ FF2020)

Top – Dark Fairy Fashions – Zen Doodle Top (@ FF2020)

Centaur body – Jinx – Cenlightaur (@ FF2020)

Centaur skin – Lunistice – Twilight Rain Skin (@ FF2020)

Centaur armor – Jinx – Arabian Nights Set (@ FF2020)

Staff – Jinx – Spirit Moon Staff (@ FF2020)

Blue Fae

Wyona turned the last curve of the cave and stopped at the unexpected sight of someone being there. The blue fairy danced around the cave humming to the unicorns and petting them in passing. Wyona stood and stared enraptured until the fairy saw her and came to a stop. She smiled and held a hand out to her.

“Come dance with me.” She said in a musical voice.

Wyona smiled and took the hand held out to her and moved deeper into the cave to dance with the fairy. After what seemed like hours they stopped and Wyona thought to ask the fairy where she came from.

“Why I came with the Faire of course!” She giggled. “It opens soon to all, you should visit it!”

Wyona grinned and nodded. “I had been planning on it! I always find it so fascinating! All the different worlds and creatures and performances!”

“Oh! I had best get back. We open soon and it wouldn’t do for me to be missing.” She curtseyed to Wyona and flittered out of the cave.

The Fantasy Faire opens today at noon to the public!


Head – Genus – Strong

Skin Tint/Tattoos – Rainbow Sundae – Faery Skin Overlay 1 Blushed (@ FF 2020)

Ears – Trap – Shred Ears

Hair – Knox – Heather (Subscriber gift)

Face Gems – Voodoo – Enchantress Gems (@ FF 2020)

Lipstick – Voodoo – Summer Sorbet ( @ FF 2020)

Dress/Panties – Dark Fairy Fashions – Myst Dress (@ FF 2020)

Wings – Ambix – Starlight Wings (@ FF 2020)

Poses – Kuso – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire has returned!! And I am lucky enough to be blogging it again after many years. I always feel so humbled when chosen to blog for the Faire. It’s such a large event and means so much to a lot of people.

Last year the faire raised over 17 million lindens ($68,173) for Cancer research and as each year tends to grow, I hope that this year will be even more!


Hair – Knox – Nala – White tinted

Dress – Belle Epoque – Noelle (@ Fantasy Faire 2020)

FF Column – The Olde Attic – In Our Darkest Hour, Search For the Light (@ FF 2020)

Pose – XPOSEure – Fantasia – #3 (@ FF 2020)

For more info about the faire go here.

New Sponsor!

I have a new sponsor! Knox hair accepted me as a blogger! I am so excited to be working with this store as I adore her hairs and have everyone of them! Soon as I find her logo I’ll be adding it to the sponsor page. 🙂


Hair – Knox – Halo (@ Tres Chic)

Top – Tooty Fruity – Savannah Crop Top (@ Spotlight Event April 7-22nd)

Jeans – fd – Bossy Jeans

Pose – Dark Secrets – Gift Bento Pose LVP January

PS. Stay tuned for another big announcement and many posts in the following weeks!! 😀

Pop Girls

I got together with my girl Desi and had another photoshoot!

This time the theme being pop girls. I love how the photos came out!!

Credits on Me:

Hair – Doe – Neon Queen Candy Rare (@Epiphany)

Top/Skirt – Cute or Die – Harajuku Queen Rare 1 (@Epiphany)

Socks/Shoes – Cute or Die – Harajuku Queen Rare 2 (@Epiphany)

Pose 1 – Focus Poses – Friends 26

Pose 2 – Focus Poses – Friends 91

Pose 3 – K&S – Cute Embrace

Location for backdrops – Backdrop Central

Kitten Magic

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. Many things have been happening and keeping me busy. I hope everyone is keeping safe in these uncertain times.


Hair – Knox – Callie – Windy

Bodysuit – Tooty Fruity – Chelsea (@ XXX Event from March 13 to April 3rd)

Tattoos – Witchcraft – Blessed Be

Shoes – Tooty Fruity – Meggy (March group gift)

Tail/Sphere – Aurascape – Vixen Tail + Water Sphere

Crystal – Mini A Chuu – Crystal Purple

Pose – Stardust – Guardian – Pose 4

Location – Garden of Dreams