The Ghost Town

We stumbled upon this journal in a ghost town and were tasked with finding the ghosts and freeing them with these magic cameras. Always game for a hunt and some picture taking we started our search.

We wandered all over the broken ruins of the town. Each time we came across a ghost we took a picture. We found all 19 victims’ ghosts and the ghost of the killer and freed them.

This was from the Mad Pea The Ghost Town game. 🙂 We had a lot of fun playing through it! It’s a free game, so go check it out!!


Hair – Knox – Callie – Black and Whites tinted

Top/Shorts – LeiMotiv – Nikki high waisted ripped shorts & shirt

Boots – Addams – Frida Dr Addams Boots

Location – Mad Pea – The Ghost Town

Biker Chic

I got a motorcycle on Sunday and have been riding Motorcycle Club tracks since then. I’ve always really sucked at driving in SL, but this bike handles really smoothly. Some of the tracks are really cool and have multiple areas of interest in them. Most are many tracks pieced together, going upwards from the ground.


Hair – Wasabi – Jenna

Jacket/Bra – Lapointe Bastchild – Swear Zipp Leather Jacket

Pants – Sparrow – Tatty

Boots – Psycho Barbie – Leather Ankle Boots

Bike – Brumm’s Chopper and Customs – Custom Girl Power

Location – Wild Girls MC Track


Esme called on the ancestors and the demon Asmadeus. Lifting her hands her book and bones floated around her as she got her summoning spell started. She’d been asked to call back a loved one and paid handsomely for it, which was the only reason she was calling on Asmadeus after what had happened the last time. Pervy freaking demon.

The portal behind her began to glow and the demon skull’s eyes took on a red hue.

“Calling me again so soon?” A deep mocking voice asked.

She sighed, “I’d rather not, but what I need done is big. Something only you can do. I need you to bring a soul back across, intact and sane.”

“Hmm. You know my price for such a request.”

She grimaced and said, “I do. Now will you do it or not?”


Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jenna – Fireworks (@ Epiphany)

Bindi/Collar&Arms/Bra/Corset/Panties – Plastik – Variela (@ Epiphany)

Tattoo – This is Wrong – Obscure Creed #13 (@ Epiphany)

Pose/Skull/Bones – Reve Obscura – Necromancer

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Dreaming – Suspicious (@ Vanity)

Nightmare in New Orleans Pt 1

Tina looked at the note and plane ticket in her hand again. Her brother was missing and someone thought SHE could find him. He was the detective not her. 

“Hey the plane’s boarding, let’s go!” Lesley said grabbing her arm and pulling her along. She was coming along for the “adventure”. Really it was just an excuse for her to go to New Orleans. 

After an uneventful plane ride we headed to my brothers office to start looking around. It looked like she expected it to. Books and filing cabinets filled the room except where his desk was. Looking around we found a locked drawer with a combo lock on it. It took us a while but we got it open and found Cole’s file on Ada, a missing girl he was searching for. It talked about her sister at a jazz club so that was our next stop.

Before the jazz singer would tell us anything we had to search the club for her missing sheet music AND play the song for her. Eventually, after struggling through the music she told us about her sister’s job at the Cathedral. 

The Cathedral was empty except for one priest in a confessional. Weird fellow, before he’d tell us anything he made us confess our sins. Whatever, we made some stuff up and he slipped us the key to the office where Ada worked. There was a strange doll with pins in it on the chair that made the priest yelp when we stuck it. There was also a strange puzzle box, my brother used to play with a lot of them, that I solved. Inside was a receipt to Mama Mojo’s. No idea what that store is but we were about to find out. 

To be continued….

Credits for Me:

Hair: Truth Hair – Liberty

Dress: Mad Pea – New Orleans Dress

Shoes: Cog & Fleur – Cherry Blossom Stiletto Heels

I’m Back!!!

Eat MeI have missed blogging and tried a few times for fresh starts but always always miss this blog. So I’ve decided to return and do what I love most again, post stories and pictures that go along with them!

You’ll notice that I look different and may even use more than one avatar for different posts. This is because I use a new avatar as my main now. She is a fae who tends to hide her wings to fit in the human world better. She appears to be a neko with purple coloring due to an accident with her magic when she was young. I have other forms on her as well but not as many as on my original avatar.

Other times I will use my original avatar for more fantasy looks and stories. This will mean some older skins and items being used so bear with me. I will also be updating the website to my new flickr and newer photos.

I hope that you continue to follow me and enjoy the stories I have to tell. My goal is to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Here are a couple beach pictures I took with a friend just to show off my newer avi. *Blows everyone kisses*

Fruit Cups

Fairy Tale

Wyona's Digital Dreams

Wysteria and her triplet sisters Estrella and Dee Kehlani grew up in a small forest near an even smaller human village. They lived in a hidden glen near a waterfall with their parents, four elder siblings and an assortment of other relatives. As they were growing up the triplets would often sneak to the human village during festivals and watch the merriment. Wysteria was drawn to the dancing and would often mimic what she saw with her sisters. Estrella loved to hear the stories and poems the bards would tell and often would repeat them to her sisters.

14 Exploring Eyr

As they grew their talents in their chosen hobbies grew and they began to make their own dances and stories. Occasionally, other fae and creatures would pass through their woods, skirting around the human village. The girls loved meeting these new people and would often beg for new stories and dances from…

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New Beginnings

02 My Story Closeup.png

Hey guys! Its been a while since I said goodbye on this blog, but I missed blogging so much that I started a new one on my new main avi. She is a teen and represents my more cutesy side so the styles and such will be different. But there will still be stories and some fantasy! I will also keep trying to improve my photography and be doing some blog memes. Feel Free to come on over and check it out, hope to see you there! ♥

(Credits for the above photo on new blog.)

New Flickr as well –