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What is Your Wish?

#62 What is Your Wish Sitting

Mea sat looking through the bars of her cage wishing she was back in her bottle. Once she wanted nothing more than to get outside into the world again, but they do say be careful what you wish for. A noise at the edge of the clearing made her look up and seeing her newest master approaching she stood.

“What is your wish, Master?” She said in her soft melodic voice.

The man frowned at her and shook his head saying, “I have not finished the wording just yet. I merely came to check on you. How are you today?”

#62 What is Your Wish Standing

“Could I return to my bottle until you are ready to wish, Master?”

“No.” He said firmly. “I told you it is too easy for someone to take you away that way and I won’t risk it until I get my wishes. I’ll send Frida with some food and water for you later.” He turned and left.

Mea sighed and slumped back to the ground and returned to looking at the stars between the bars of her cage. She had traded one prison for another.

#62 What is Your Wish Comp

Hey guys! I was feeling a bit inspired this week. 🙂 Hope you liked the little story.

Strawberry Singh talked about SL addiction in a recent post. She also had some polls about what people like to do most in SL. I thought I’d answer her questions: “Do you feel that you have an addiction and what is it that you like to do most in Second Life?”

Do I feel that I am addicted to SL? In a way I guess, except I think it’s a case of my just really enjoying my time and hobbies in SL. I think the commenter, Alicia Chenaux, had a great point. She said, “You’re not addicted, silly. You just have something that you love doing for fun – the way we read or watch tv shows or movies or listen to music. Now if you were online for 18 hours a day every single day, quit your job to be in SL, no longer saw family or friends because of SL, and you couldn’t even take a shower without panicking that something was happening in SL without you… well, now THAT is addicted!!” When I am home but not on SL, I do read and watch movies or tv, and am almost always listening to music even in SL.

As for what I like to do the most, I love to take photos (as you may have noticed ^.^) and play around with my avatar’s looks, I also love to spend time with my family and friends exploring and shopping. I also like to create/edit things and learn how to do new things.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Isis

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape –  Lumae – Odette Shape (modified)

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Aegean – Bare (@ We ❤ Roleplay )

Eyes – Adoness – Havila Eyes – Electric

Hair – Exile – Little Talks – Raven

Veil/Top/Skirt/Sleeves/Anklets – Caverna Obscura – Angelynn in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Nov 7th – Dec 6th)

Pose/Cage – Something Erotic Poses – Caged

Poses in Composite – Vestige – Valsnia (Made exclusively for Valsnia – Miss V India 2016)

Location – Tuck’s Misty Isle (You can rez here)


#40 Priestess

J’na summoned a crystal and sent it to guide her companions. Ahead she could hear the faint sounds of fighting. Weapons clashing and her tribe’s battle-cry mingled with the feral screams of the big cats that fought beside them and the growls of the enemies’ wolves. She urged her companions to quicken their pace. All she could do was cling to the saddle and pray they made it in time.

#40 Priestess Close

They had almost reached the battleground when she saw someone on a wolf racing towards her tribe’s sacred ground. She tapped her mount and nudged the crystal guiding them to intercept the enemy. The lion at her side broke off and racing forward leapt onto the enemy wolf taking him and his rider down. The screams of the man and wolf gurgled and died. The lion gave them one last look as if to be sure they were no longer a threat and turned to lope back to rejoin J’na and her mount. She reached over and ran her hand over his mane, silently praising him.

#40 Priestess Protect

Soon they reached the tribe’s sacred ground and J’na hopped down to take a protective stance in front of the powerful crystal her tribe protected. It was the heart of their forest and it must never be harmed. The panther and lion each found a place nearby to guard her along with the sacred crystal. She could still hear the battle raging on and wished she could join them and heal some of her tribesmen, but the crystal was far more important than their tribe and as priestess it was her duty to ensure it’s safety.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Head/Eyes/Skin – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Armband – Aisling – Khatel Armband in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Bracelet – Aisling – Khatel Bracelet in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Top – Luas – Kalina Top RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Skirt – Luas – Kalina Skirt – Silver and Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Crystal – Cubic Cherry – Diviner – Crystal – Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Staff – Alchemy – The Shaman – Gnarled Staff – Oath (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Lion – Alchemy – The Shaman – Regal Lion Companion in Dark (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Panther – Alchemy – The Huntress – Panther Mount in Mystic Obsidian (@ The Secret Affair May ’15 Round)

Pose for Photo 3 – Vestige – Modeling Default 2 – Pose 6-1 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Location – Chakryn Forest

Priestess Preview

#39 Priestess Preview

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted this week yet. It’s been one of those rough weeks. Got a migraine and took a new medicine for the first time. Sadly it did not work, so I still have the headache. However, I am hoping to sleep well tonight and get a few posts out this weekend. You can look forward to a post featuring the Fantasy Gacha Carnival items, which is previewed in the photo above. I also have items from The Secret Room and The Fantasy Collective, some from my sponsors and some from others. I also want to an Egyptian outfit and story soon.

For now I will leave you with the image above, which like I said is a preview of my outfit and story for the first Fantasy Gacha Carnival look I put together. I was playing with windlights and came across this and loved how it looked. I hope you enjoy it! Here are the credits for what is shown.


Head/Eyes – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Windlight – Phototools – Fashion Path Light 01 on the Firestorm Viewer

Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream

#37 Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream

Okay I’ve wanted to do a cyberpunk look for a while. It’s another of my favorites. When I saw this mask and arms at Fantasy Faire by two of my favorite stores I knew I had to use them! The outfit and boots I picked up at Colab88 from R2. I hadn’t heard of them before but am really liking their stuff. I also knew I wanted some glowing tattoos, so I went to Fallen Gods to see if they had some with slink appliers and saw their sign for their new skin/tattoos gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. A million teleport tries and 1,000 L later I had the skin I wanted and a selection of tattoos. Then came location and posing. It took a while but I think it came together nicely. 🙂

#37 Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream Closer

What do you guys think of the new blog design? I really like it. It doesn’t show all my photos together but it does have a lot easier navigation and a sidebar I can display my sponsors and blogroll on. The basic template started out as pink. >.> I am not a pink person so thankfully it had two other color choice options.

Sorry there is no story with this look, I am still fighting headaches and didn’t want to delay the post until my brain decided to play nice again. Stuff to look forward to – Fantasy Gacha Carnival items and stories to go with! Also a few more We ❤ RP looks and Thrift Shop 9.0 as well.


Mesh Body/Feet/Head – Slink Physique, High Feet, Visage Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Fallen Gods Inc – Lady of the Shadows – Coal (RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May Round)

Tattoos – Fallen Gods Inc – Death Call in Acid (Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May Round)

Mask – Ni.Ju – Komainu Inari Mask in Slime

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Luce Hair – Basics (@ Colab88 May Round)

Bodysuit – R2 – Rikka in Black A (@ Colab88 May Round)

Boots – R2 – Rikka Boots in Black B (@ Colab88 May Round)

Arms – Trap – Spiral Demon Arm

Pose in 1st Photo – Bauhaus Movement – FU Anyway

Pose in 2nd Photo – Bauhaus Movement – Muse 1

Location – Insilico East