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Dark Passions

#45 Dark Passions 2

Lea Pulled on her new melting bat crop shirt and a cute new skirt. Next came her rocker leg warmers with the small knives and the black boots. She leaned close to a mirror to do her eyeliner and add a hint of purple eyeshadow. Next came a dash of lipstick. She stepped back and looked at her look in the mirror critically. She was rocking the cute punky look but something was still missing. She pulled her blonde hair into various hair styles not liking any of them. She looked around on her vanity and spotted the rainbow glitter hairspray she had used a few months ago for Halloween, perfect! She grabbed a small purse and made sure she had her cell inside. She locked up the apartment and headed to the rave to meet her friends.

#45 Dark Passions

Hey guys! So, I have a new sponsor! Dark Passions makes some cute clothing and I love their nail polishes! The shirt, skirt and nails are all from them. I also have some steampunk items from them I need to put together. A couple of things I know they are involved in at the moment or in the near future are: The Witchy Hour Hunt is from June 1st-30th and has 2 full sets of nails  for 1L each, and coming soon the Alice in Sexyland Hunt from June 12-24th. You can find more info at their store inworld or at their blog.

#45 Dark Passions Close


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Ankle Lock/Nails – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Flat Feet Mesh

Head – Lelutka – Stella

Makeup –  Your Skin & Your Shape (YS&YS) – Ginny – Zafiro (@ The Fantasy Collective May Round)

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Bare in Rosy

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus Eyes – Crazy Purple

Face Piercings – Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream in Ink

Hair – Alice Project – Nikki in Glitter/Rainbow Streaks Blonde (From a gacha at Thriftshop 9.0)

Tattoos – G.ID – Kitsune Tattoo

Nails – Dark Passions – Fishnet Fetish Solids in Purple

Shirt – Dark Passions – Carmen – Melting Bats Pastels

Skirt – Dark Passions – Ramona – Goth Purple

Warmers/Boots – Etchaflesh – Rockstar Irisa Warmer Boots

Pose Prop and Poses for Photos 1 & 2 – Exposeur – The White Rooms

Pose in Close Photo – Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute – Closeup Hand and Face Pack C

Hunting in the Amazon

Jungle Huntress

Nia’s ears twitched and the jaguar crouched lower in the grass. Her human companion knelt beside her as she scanned the jungle around them.

Jungle Huntress w Monkey

The woman chuckled and stood as she saw what the jaguar was watching so intently. “I don’t think that monkey would make for a very good meal. He’s much too scrawny.”

Jungle Huntress Close

So this time I decided to go explore the Amazon and wow are their sims huge and realistic. I tried to swim across the river at one point without a swimmer on and I sank and drowned. I was also attacked by a small family of jaguars. After that I became a lot more cautious in my exploring. Oh! As a note, the desaturated picture at the top? A raw image, I did not edit it in photoshop to bleed the color. What happened was I finally after a half hour of fighting my view buttons got the shot all lined up and lit and hit the snapshot button….and my SL crashed. >< So I fumed for a moment and then hit the view ims option, closed all my extra stuff and made SL full-screen. Then I used Gyazo to take a clipping of the picture so I could still use it. 🙂 I think it turned out pretty good.


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands and Feet – Slink Casual Hands and Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Skin – Fallen Gods Inc – Lyssa a Rare from their Unholy Gacha @ Love and War 2

Tattoo – Fallen Gods Inc – Unholy Alpha Coal @ Love and War 2

Hair – Adoness – Toxis in Pitch Black with the black shade of the shaved daisy hair base that came with it

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5

Eyes – Nega Posi – Mysitc Eyes in Grave

Face Piercings – Hebenon Vial – Subtle Dare in Ink size Obese (I am so happy I came across this store, I love their stuff.)

Top and Skirt – Sweet Lies – Agnes Armor from their gacha at the Feb/March round of The Fantasy Collective

Poses and Jaguar Prop – Nani – Huntress #2 and #10 from The Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Location – The Amazon River

Little Red Wolf

#11 Little Red Wolf 1

As you may have noticed I like many styles. However Fantasy and Punk are definitely my favorites. 🙂 So here is my version of punk version of Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf.

#11 Little Red Wolf 3

I didn’t want her to be a grungy punk so much as an elegant one. The jewelry and tattoo along with the hair I think helps with that. 🙂 Below is closeups so you can see all the wonderful details.#11 Little Red Wolf Comp


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Shape – Mine

Hands – Slink Casual w Stiletto Nails

Nail Polish – The Little Bat – Fishnet Nails in Red

Skin – Soul – Davina in Frappe

Makeup – Sn@tch – Unearthly Makeup in Red (From Twisted Hunt)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia Eyes – Albino Tiger (Quickly becoming my favorite eye store.)

Hair – Adoness – Toffsy in Maroon (My Favorite alternative hair store!)

Facial Piercings – Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream in Ink

Necklace – Aisling – Dangara – Collar (A rare from her Gacha in the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Has a hud to change colors and metals.)

Belly Piercing – Plastik – Krysis Bellyring – Arian

Ears / Tail – Aisling – Lubin – Wolf Neutral/Dark (From a past Gacha Event)

Tattoo – Things – Eden (Discovered this store at the Skin Fair 2015 and fell in love!)

Shirt – Revolt – Luna Strapped Top – Red Plaid (Has a hud to change the color of the straps and metal rings.)

Gloves – Razor – Foe Gloves – (Has a version to fit Slink! And lots of color options in the hud.)

Skirt – Blueberry – Bisquit – Zipped & Strapped Skirt in Black (There is color change options for the straps, metal, pockets, and leather zippers. However the red on it didn’t match the rest of the outfit.)

Boots – Black Haus White Market – Biker Chain Gang Boots

Pose Prop – Exposeur – Narrow Dark Alley

Pose in Photo Composite – oOo – Moody 2 – pose 7