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Through the Keyhole Part 3

Blanca groaned and said, “Incoming.” The other girls followed her gaze and let out groans of their own.

#51 Through the Keyhole Part 3 - FullThe elegant woman came to a stop before them and gave them a snooty look before saying in a slightly nasal voice, “Well isn’t this… quaint. I should have guessed you girls would use your heritage for your costumes.”

Chessa hissed and Hati wrapped an arm around her to keep her next to her. “Really, Ruby? Isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black? Why not go back to your throne and put your feet up on a pig?”

#51 Through the Keyhole Part 3 - Close

Ruby frowned at Hati and Chessa and raised her chin high as she replied, “We don’t use pigs anymore. That’s just filthy. Why my great grandmother thought that was a good idea is beyond me.”

“Where’s your entourage tonight Ruby? No hot men or plastic women with you?” Alice asked in a chipper tone. Blanca bit back a laugh and did her best to keep a straight face.

Ruby narrowed her eyes at Alice and turned to stalk off.

“Well that was a blessedly short run in. Lets get to those drinks and get to dancing.” Blanca said and pulled Alice towards the table in the corner where their drinks still waited.

#51 Through the Keyhole Part 3 - Composite

Sorry that part was short. I hope you enjoyed my Alice in Wonderland characters. To clarify, these were great grand-daughters of the originals, set in a more modern world with magic.

Also! Fair Play’s newest round El Mundo opens today! The link is down below in the credits. Also here is a link to that great article by Rubilyn that explains more about the fair’s newest game inspired theme in case you missed it last post. I will be going and getting pictures there later this week.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Ankle Lock – Slink Physique, Slink Casual / Gesture Hands, Slink High Feet

Shape –  Lumae – Odette Shape (Normally only use one I’ve done or edited, however I was plesantly suprised when I tried this shape on and it was similar to how I make mine other than the face. The face is so elegant and fits the skin and my idea for the character well.)

Skin – Lumae – Odette – Dawn’s Kiss in Tone 4 (Older group gift)

Hair – enVogue Hair – Alice – Browns (From the recent Alice in Sexyland event)

Nails – Adoness – Lord Nosense

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus – Devil

Dress – Kelini – Alice in Sexyland – Sexy Suit Red (From the recent Alice in Sexyland event)

Necklace – Otherskin – Salvation (Exclusive @ Fairplay for July)

Armlet – Earthstones – Calliope Armlet (Exclusive @ Fairplay for July)

Tiara / Earrings – Maxi Gossamer – Everyday Tiara – Pearl Heart

Stockings – Antielle – Baroque Corset Stockings in White

Shoes – Sheba – Laura Heels

Prop/Poses for Photos 1 & 2 – Exposeur – The Keyhole

Full Body pose in the Composite Photo – Vestige – Leticia Pack 1 – Pose 2 (@ The Instruments)

Half Body pose in the Composite Photo – Vestige – Leticia Pack 2 – Pose 6 (@ The Instruments)


#40 Priestess

J’na summoned a crystal and sent it to guide her companions. Ahead she could hear the faint sounds of fighting. Weapons clashing and her tribe’s battle-cry mingled with the feral screams of the big cats that fought beside them and the growls of the enemies’ wolves. She urged her companions to quicken their pace. All she could do was cling to the saddle and pray they made it in time.

#40 Priestess Close

They had almost reached the battleground when she saw someone on a wolf racing towards her tribe’s sacred ground. She tapped her mount and nudged the crystal guiding them to intercept the enemy. The lion at her side broke off and racing forward leapt onto the enemy wolf taking him and his rider down. The screams of the man and wolf gurgled and died. The lion gave them one last look as if to be sure they were no longer a threat and turned to lope back to rejoin J’na and her mount. She reached over and ran her hand over his mane, silently praising him.

#40 Priestess Protect

Soon they reached the tribe’s sacred ground and J’na hopped down to take a protective stance in front of the powerful crystal her tribe protected. It was the heart of their forest and it must never be harmed. The panther and lion each found a place nearby to guard her along with the sacred crystal. She could still hear the battle raging on and wished she could join them and heal some of her tribesmen, but the crystal was far more important than their tribe and as priestess it was her duty to ensure it’s safety.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Head/Eyes/Skin – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Armband – Aisling – Khatel Armband in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Bracelet – Aisling – Khatel Bracelet in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Top – Luas – Kalina Top RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Skirt – Luas – Kalina Skirt – Silver and Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Crystal – Cubic Cherry – Diviner – Crystal – Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Staff – Alchemy – The Shaman – Gnarled Staff – Oath (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Lion – Alchemy – The Shaman – Regal Lion Companion in Dark (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Panther – Alchemy – The Huntress – Panther Mount in Mystic Obsidian (@ The Secret Affair May ’15 Round)

Pose for Photo 3 – Vestige – Modeling Default 2 – Pose 6-1 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Location – Chakryn Forest

Priestess Preview

#39 Priestess Preview

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted this week yet. It’s been one of those rough weeks. Got a migraine and took a new medicine for the first time. Sadly it did not work, so I still have the headache. However, I am hoping to sleep well tonight and get a few posts out this weekend. You can look forward to a post featuring the Fantasy Gacha Carnival items, which is previewed in the photo above. I also have items from The Secret Room and The Fantasy Collective, some from my sponsors and some from others. I also want to an Egyptian outfit and story soon.

For now I will leave you with the image above, which like I said is a preview of my outfit and story for the first Fantasy Gacha Carnival look I put together. I was playing with windlights and came across this and loved how it looked. I hope you enjoy it! Here are the credits for what is shown.


Head/Eyes – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Windlight – Phototools – Fashion Path Light 01 on the Firestorm Viewer

Kitsune Double Threat

Kitsune Mother

Akane craddled her kit and watched the daylight fade away.

Kitsune Mother Night

I decided to do Strawberry Singh’s Double Threat Meme.

Two online screen names you’ve had: other than SL, LadyLilly on FFXI and Soenala on Rift/Landmark/Tera:Online

Two video games you’ve played: FFXI and Sims are probably the most notable, but I’ve dabbled in many mmorpgs.

Two things you love about Second Life: Creating different characters and their outfits, building and clothing making, because I suck at sewing in RL.

Two things you’ve done in Second Life: Owned multiple stores or been partners with friends and been a professional photographer.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life: Create good quality of mesh, tried a few times but not as good as I wanted. Also want to learn how to do animations, I know how to do poses so I think I’m part of the way there.

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: Her inventory and ability to wear almost anything and look good, not to mention the tails and wings and horns, etc that can look natural on SL.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves: Random teleports and random men iming me telling me how hot my avatar is and generally being kinda creepy

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of: Some of the photos my old clan took and made look so not as innocent as the situation really was…such as during bed shopping… you have to try the animations…and they totally took control of the bed and made us do those things! The other… LoL ok, my old SL brother would never let me live this down. When I was editing my skybox… because back then I was always taking things apart and editing them, I happened to see the physical button and clicked it to see what it would do. … It dropped pieces of my skybox 3000+ feet to the sim ground level where they bounced around for a bit. Looking back I get a big laugh out of it too but at the time all I knew was I clicked a button and half of my skybox disappeared so I imed my brother in a panic and when he saw what happened on the ground he died laughing. *Shrugs* I learned from it.

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: Eden and my SL mom Nev, don’t see either of them much but when I do its always a great time.

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: Its more than two items, but stuff made by my old SL brother. Also a ring that an ex made me.

Kitsune Mother Close


No mesh body – the fitmesh dress didn’t work with the body well.

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Casual Hands and Flat Feet

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Delphine – Tone 1 – Icing/Sugar Heart Makeup

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia Eyes in Dragoness

Nails – Adoness – Gloriana

Tattoo – Antielle – Okami Amaterasu (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Hair – Ayashi – Darina – Basic Set

Dress – Devious Mind – Sakura Shibari Dress in Rose Dragon (From a gacha at their store.)

Flower Attachments – Devious Mind – Sakura Shibari Dress in White Sakura RARE (Included the flowers as an extra.)

Shoes – CLAVv – Sacred Geta Black RARE (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Tails/Ears – Schadenfreude – Sakura Mori Kitsune Ears and Tails – This included 9 different single tail colors to match the baby kitsune colors, 2 three tail options, and a nine tail option and the ears. There is also a hud for the ears, three tails and nine tails so they can match the baby kitsune and you can change the flowers on the ears as well. (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Baby Kitsune – Schadenfreude – Marble Two Tailed Baby Kitsune (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Poses – None, used my AO since holding the kit overrode it but didn’t override my poses. Secret Passion – Passion AO

Location – Nagare – Home of the Blue Lotus Clan and Dojo Eternal Blades