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At the entrance to the next sim was a woman casting a spell on people before they dove into the endless expanse of water ahead. Wyona shifted a bit nervously and when she reached the woman asked, “What are you casting?”

The woman smiles reassuringly and responded, “A simple underwater breathing spell so you can enjoy the Depths.” She raised her hands and cast the spell and waved a hand towards the water.

Wyona took a deep breath and dived in. She was surprised to note the water didn’t sting her eyes or wet her clothes.

As she traveled deeper she found a teeming market with both mer people and travelers. Among the kelp and fish at the edges of the market she noticed guards. One in pastel colors particularly caught her eye and she tried not to stare.

She saw the guard look back at her and gave a little nod and slight smile. Turning away she went to check out the shops.


Hair – Ayashi – Yukari (@ Fameshed)

Head – Catwa – Uma

Eyes – Rainbow Sundae – Beautiful Creatures Bright (@ FF2020)

Diadem – Reliquary – Draconic Diadem (@ FF2020)

Skin – Glam Affair – Maya

Tattoo – Even-tide – Wisps (@ FF2020)

Top – Malified – The Bard Queen Top (@ FF2020)

Tail – Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail – Holographics 2

Location – Melusina’s Depths


Next, Wyona came upon a desert oasis. There didn’t seem to be many people around or any market. As she wandered further into the Oasis she came across a woman in a kimono that looked approachable.

“Excuse me. Where are all of the shops?” Wyona asked.

The woman turned and responded with a smile. “This is where people meet to share knowledge of writings and books.”

“Where might I find the gathering spot?”

“It is that way. It is a clearing with many cushions.” The woman pointed along the path.

Wyona smiled in thanks and continued in that direction. Eager to join the sharing of knowledge offered.


Hair ornaments – Air – Ichie Silver (@ FF2020)

Hair – Firelight – Katelyn Gen2 Rainbow (@ FF2020)

Head – Genus – Strong

Forehead Gem/Tattoo – The Little Bat – Aelia Dermal and Tattoo (@ FF2020)

Eyeshadow – AE – Fantasy Eyeshadow 03 Pink (@ FF2020)

Eyes – The Little Bat – Lyric Eyes (@ FF2020)

Skin – ND/MD – Boo Light BOM (@ FF2020)

Tattoo – Kumiho – Diana BOM Fresh (@ FF2020)

Dress – Ade Yakko – Kataoshi (@ FF2020)

Location – Drifts of Anamnesis


The next place Wyona came across was darker and gloomier with sunken ships spread along the beaches. The ships were old and weathered as if they had been there for years. The market was once again bustling with people both selling and buying goods.

Turning a corner she found herself almost bumping into a demon in the garb of a pirate.

The piratess scowled in her direction and grumbled, “Away with ye. On important business I am.” She brought her hand up and surveyed the crowd that was slightly below.

Wyona took one last look and scurried off back into the crowded marketplace.


Horns – Plastik – Lavai Horn Deco (@ FF2020)

Hair – Analog Dog – Sinai Variety (@ FF2020)

Head – Genus – Strong

Skin – Ab. Fab Skins – Eir Nightshade Skin (@ FF2020)

Eyes – A.D.D. Andel! – Galaxy Eyes RFL No Pupil (@ FF2020)

Necklace – Rise Design – Mythos Necklace (@ FF2020)

Dress – Belle Epoque – Anne FF20 (@ FF2020)

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Reverie Boots Tan (@ FF2020)

Location – Isle of Shadows @ Fantasy Faire 2020


As Wyona approaches the faire she comes into a world of reds and oranges. It appeared to be a small town in the middle of fall and was beautiful. She grinned and began to browse through the many stores happy to know all she spent went to a good cause.

She marveled at all of the various creatures and races that were attending the faire as well as the variety of the wares. As she explored she came across a centaur.

They seemed to be guarding something so she did not approach too closely but could not help but stare at them for much longer than was respectful.


Horns – Jinx – Cervine Antlers – Fine (@ FF2020)

Hair – Knox – Heather (Subscriber gift)

Head – Genus – Strong

Skin – Soul – Jalyn Ranitormeya (@ FF2020)

Eyes – Birth – Glimmer Eyes (@ FF2020)

Top – Dark Fairy Fashions – Zen Doodle Top (@ FF2020)

Centaur body – Jinx – Cenlightaur (@ FF2020)

Centaur skin – Lunistice – Twilight Rain Skin (@ FF2020)

Centaur armor – Jinx – Arabian Nights Set (@ FF2020)

Staff – Jinx – Spirit Moon Staff (@ FF2020)

Ending in Serenity

Serenity SimN’Mara smiled at the sight of the last area she planned to explore. The faire had been wondrous and larger than she could have imagined, but she was beginning to tire and looked forward to a short visit with her friend Bright Horn before returning to her slumber. She would have to ask Bright Horn to wake her each year for the faire from now on so that she could see how it changed from year to year.
 Serenity Tree
The area she had entered appeared to be a holy place. While there were buildings they had the look of monasteries or churches. There was a beautiful lake and waterfalls from the cliffs surrounding it. A large tree was front and center and she stopped to read the plaque below it. “Here is a place of serenity. The lights below flicker with love for those who fight and for those who have faded into the night find here amenity. The lights flicker below and twinkle above. ” She smiled and went to browse the shops.
 Serenity Shops
She was surprised to see a demoness walking among the shops. She would have thought none would want to be in a holy area, even if it was at a faire. The demoness smiled and gave her a small bow before approaching a nearby priestess and asking for her blessing. The priestess gladly gave it to the woman. N’Mara shook her head and decided she must have missed much while she slept. Perhaps the woman was not really a demoness but just looked like one.
 Serenity NMara
N’Mara stopped at one last kiosk and placed the remaining few coins from her pouch into it. She was glad that Bright Horn had woken her and told her of such a great adventure. Not only did she find many wonders, she was glad to have been able to help raise money for the sick. She took a last look around the faire and left to return to Bright Horn’s glade.
 Serenity Demoness

Oh my goodness, so you ever go to take what you think is a really good photo and SL just keeps crashing? Yeah I did that about 10 times on the moonlit pic of N’Mara. Finally I just used gyazo to capture a snapshot and edited out my nametag. >< So that’s why it’s smaller than normal and not as good a quality. Also I am not able to be online tomorrow an that’s why I am doing so many posts today. ♥ So you have a day or two to go get a look at the Faire before it disappears for the year.


Credits for N’Mara:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape –  Lumae – Eirtae Average (5ft 10)

Skin – Lumae – Eirtae – Storm (@ We ♥ Roleplay until April 30th)

Eyes – Gauze – DragonBorn Eyes – White

Hair – Magic Store – Magic Hair – HV17

Dress – Acios – Hellkiss – RFL Special (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Twilight Illusion Sim)

Flower Petals – Naminoke – Sakura Petal PPl Girl (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Echtra Sim) (only used some pieces not all)

Pose in Photo – Bauhaus Movement – Endless Love

Serenity Demoness Comp

Credits for Demoness:

Mesh Body/Hands – Belleza – Venus V3

Shape –  Lumae – Eirtae

Skin – Soul – Ranitomeya – FF2016 SE (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Blackmoor Sim)

Eyes – Gauze –  (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Lucentia Sim)

Hair – Adoness – Toxis – Naturals – Pitch Black

Hoof Legs – Gauze / Trap –  Faun Legs – Long Hair (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Lucentia Sim)

Horns – Gauze / Trap – Ziva Horns – FF edition  (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Lucentia Sim)

Wings – Gauze / Trap – Succubus Wings – FF edition  (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Lucentia Sim)

Bra / Panties – Muse – Hoodoo Shaman (RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)

Pose in Photo – Bauhaus Movement – Aterris

Pose in Photo Comp – AnLar – Lotus Series – Pose 1Serenity Demoness Detail

Tinkers Hollow and Twilight Illusion

Tinker's Hollow Sim

“If you had the power to create anything you thought, what would you think? And if every thought you thunk took form, where would you store all the stuff? Welcome to Tinkers Hollow. The eclectic trappings of an unusual mind filled with everything from toys and cards to gears and cogs. Who knows what might appear?”

~ Mayah Parx, owner of Epic Toy Factory (Quote from here)

Tinker's Hollow Lake

I think she did a wonderful job of creating a whimsical and unusual sim. It has elements that remind me of Alice in Wonderland as well as steampunk elements that I love and then a dash of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. There are kinds of hidden treasures lurking on this sim so be sure to stop and check it out before the Faire closes.

Tinker's Hollow Airship


Twilight Illusion

Twilight Illusion Sim

“The Realm of Twilight Illusion is a land divided. Rising out of a vast lake of lava, small islands pepper the view. Connected by rickety bridges the inhabitants make a life amid the hellish landscape of rotten vegetation, creepy trees, stinky mushrooms, bones, skulls and ravens. As sulfur and brimstone percolate below the breezes of the upper levels remind of sun and dew, welcoming the visitor into a flower filled meadow where worries are replaced with joy under rainbow skies and a picnic of nectar and honeyed cakes has been laid out by unseen hands.”

~ Merchants of Dreams owners Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan (Quote here)

Twilight Illusion Heaven

Eldowyn Inshan owns United InshCon  and  Sweetgwendoline Bailey owns ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ which make up The Merchants of Dreams along with MD Design. I love their sim concept and how it turned out. To me it has a heaven vs hell feel. Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, I wanted to use the sim lighting for each sim’s pictures and this sims windlight is pretty dark which fits its concept great.

Twilight Illusion Hell

Blanket of Fog in Blackmoor

Blackmoor SimN’Mara stopped in a shop and changed her clothing to better cover her. While the foggy chill didn’t affect her as it did living beings, she did not wish to be conspicuous. Thus covered again she looked around the new area. It was dark out even though she had just been in a sunny warmth.
Blackmoor Shop
The trees seemed to reach down out of the dark sky and grab at her. A thick fog crept along the ground. After tripping over the uneven stones she couldn’t see through the fog the first couple times she slowed her walk and picked her way along the street more carefully.
Blackmoor Street
The shops and town had an old almost abandoned feel. And yet was brimming with life. Small groves of trees lined the streets and guarded the small cemetery at one end of the town. As she passed she noticed a pale form kneeling in the graveyard.
Blackmoor NMara
She paused and stared trying to see the figure more clearly. It was a pale fae. She was talking softly to the grave in front of her, dressed in what appeared to be an old harem outfit. Near her on the ground was a small instrument. N’Mara supposed she must be one of the performers. She turned and continued down the road, leaving the fae to her private grief.Blackmoor Fae

So brief note, I wrote the story while at work and thought I remembered a cemetery in Blackmoor. Then found out when I went to take pictures that I was wrong. But this candlelit area had a memorial type feel so I hope it works just as well. 🙂

Blackmoor NMara CompCredits for N’Mara:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape –  Lumae – Eirtae Average (5ft 10)

Skin – Lumae – Eirtae – Storm (@ We ♥ Roleplay until April 30th)

Eyes – Gauze – DragonBorn Eyes – White

Hair – Magic Store – Magic Hair – HV17

Dress – Cygnets Dreams – Mia – Blue (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on The Golden Delta)

Necklace – The Little Bat – Dragon Lariat Necklace (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)


Pose in Photo – Bauhaus Movement – Cold

Pose in Photo Comp – Bauhaus Movement – Lexi

Blackmoor Fae Comp

Credits for Pale Fae:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Shape –  Lumae – Odette (modified)

Skin – Nephilim – Aurora – Moonbeam (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)

Eyes – The Stringer Mausoleum – Shyanne Eyes – Pond (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Serenity Sim)

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Kai – Lunar (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on The Golden Delta Sim)

Outfit – Poet’s Heart – Sultan’s Treasure – Frozen Wasteland (RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)

Pose in Photo – Bauhaus Movement – Late Night

Pose in Photo Comp – Bauhaus Movement – Lexi

Bright Haven

Bright Haven Sim

Bright Haven is sponsored by KittyCatS!

“A fairytale market town brimming with wonder, happiness and magic. A stroll down the cobble streets might see you breaking out in song accompanied by your woodland friends.”

~Bright Haven (Kilik Lekvoda) quote from here.

Bright Haven Shops

The Faire only has a few more days until its magical sims fade away for the year. So far the amount raised for RFL is roughly L$ 4,946,023 ($ 19,784). You can check all the totals from every RFL event in SL here.

Bright Haven Harbor

A Breeze-y Day

Breeze SimN’Mara grinned as she came into an almost cartoon-like town. It’s bright colors and blue skies was a wonderful change from the dreary dank of the last town. There were layers of hills and a big social area near the center with many tables and seats. She saw more posters advertising shows and literary events, as well as the same poster talking about the quest that she had seen in all of the towns.
Breeze Shops
As she browsed the shops she saw more tiny creatures than big. A little purple panda floated nearby hanging from some balloons. She paused and watched it for a moment and saw that the balloons were connected to a backpack on the tiny pandas back. She smiled as it bounced along in the air.
Breeze Panda
On a raised stage kind of area in the middle of town she saw a crowd of tiny beings as well as a few humans and elves. She ascended the stair and smiled at the sight of the tiny fairy performing for the crowd. She was enjoying all of the little entertainers she kept stumbling across in each town. The fairy was singing a tale of an fae queen’s romance. N’Mara sat behind a couple rows of tinies and listened in wonder. The fairy’s voice was amplified so all could hear easy and was a beautiful pure sound. When the fairy was done everyone clapped and cheered as she curtseyed and echoing the same sentiments about donating to the kiosks she had heard the others give the little fairy flew down to a nearby shop.
Breeze Fairy
N’Mara withdrew a coin from her pouch and put it in the nearby kiosk before she returned to browsing the shops. She was greatly enjoying this faire and all of the different areas that she was sure many mages had worked on. She knew from hearing others talk that each area was sponsored and run by a different shopkeeper and created from their magic.

I couldn’t resist the panda and balloons it was just too cute. Also please ignore the feet of a different skin tone on the fairy. >< My omega appliers wouldn’t work right on them for some reason. Don’t hold that against the skin, it is a very nice one. 🙂

Credits for Panda:
Avatar – W-Zero – Animal Fairy Avatar Panda – Purple  (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Echtra Sim)
Balloons – The Dark Fae – Flying Backpack (exclusive @ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)
Credits for Fairy: 
Body/Hands/Feet/Head with ears – Yabusaka – Petite 2 Avatar
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Monique Petite – Rye
Skin – Callista’s Closet – Columbine – Makeup 4 (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Breeze Sim)
Outfit/Wings- Callista’s Closet – Miss Mustard Seed (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Breeze Sim)

A Quest in Malfience

Malfience Quest Sim

“The blessed realm of Belfience was once an idyllic home to a multitude of peoples: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mer, and Dragons. All shared the beauty and bounty of the land, prospering together in peace and harmony.

But the Unweaver saw their joy, and hated it, and set about to destroy it utterly.

Through sly deceits and trickeries, the Unweaver’s minions sowed doubts in the minds of Bellefience’s rulers, and their wisdom abandoned them. The steady drip of poison spread slowly, then faster and faster, hardening the hearts of each people against the others, until cruel war blazed and consumed the realm.”

Malfience Quest Sim - Village

“Facing certain death, many fled in haste with few possessions, forsaking their homes and a land now sick and blasted, its beauty ruined. Those who remained – wary and grim, huddled into separate enclaves yet determined to hold onto hope – renamed the realm Malfience, for the evil that had been done there.

The former Belfience is far distant from the Bard Queen’s realms, and their peoples have known little contact; none in recent memory. And so the Bard Queen was astonished and alarmed to see a flood of desperate, grieving exiles wash up on her shores – people for whom nothing will ever again be the same.”

Malfience Quest Sim - Ruins

“Resolving to help, she draws together those realms hosting the exiles into the Circle of the Fairelands, and sends forth her emissary to speak with the exiles and learn of the ill fate that befell them.

It becomes clear that this quest is as difficult and dangerous as can be imagined. To repair the evil wrought by the Unweaver, the emissary must find a way not only to brave the deadly perils of Malfience, but also to heal the hearts of peoples torn asunder by war.”

All of the above story is from Fantasy Faire 2016 – The Fairelands Quest

Malfience Quest Sim - Castle

For more information on the quest and how to join it go here. Sorry I just used a quote, I haven’t yet had time or SL’s cooperation to do the quest myself. This is one thing you for sure don’t want to miss though! Not only are there lots of great prizes at the end, the sims are beautiful and from what I hear the quest is very fun. 🙂