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Japanese Blossom Princess

#43 Japanese Blossom Princess

Konohanasakuya-hime stepped out into the garden and took a deep breath of the new spring air. She looked around at the budding trees and flowers and smiled. The time for the flowers and trees to bloom had come. She closed her eyes and gathered her magic in her hands. To an outsider it appeared as an orb of flower petals. When it was big enough she threw her arms wide and scattered the petals in the wind.

#43 Japanese Blossom Princess - Bloom

The wind caught the petals imbued with her magic and carried them in all directions. As the petals passed the buds on the trees and ground they began to open and bloom. The garden was soon filled with sakura blossoms and their sweet smell.

#43 Japanese Blossom Princess - Close

#43 Japanese Blossom Princess - CompKonohanasakuya-hime is the japanese blossom princess. She symbolizes delicate or fragile earthly life and her symbol is the sakura blossom. She makes the flowers and sakura trees bloom. She is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyama.

If I got any of that wrong I apologize. I got the info from multiple internet sources that all said roughly the same thing. The short scene above is my own imagined scenario that also fits with the photos. Also a good part of the items in this post are from the Origami Event back in March. Sorry it took so long but I wanted to wait until I had everything I needed to make the best possible look. 🙂

As many of you know I mostly only use Lumae and Fallen Gods skins with the occassional skin from Soul or Plastik. However I saw this lovely skin in Seraphim’s preview of The Fantasy Collective and had to have it! This beautiful skin from Your Skin Your Shape (YS&YS) is one of their fantasy tones for their Ginny Skin. It comes with appliers for the Lelutka mesj heads as well as for the Maitrya mesh body and Slink’s Physique. Below is the ad and a photo of the hud. Along with the 5 skin options, 6 hairbase colors, 3 eyebrow options, 8 makeups, and 10 lipstick colors on the hud, you also get a set of pointed mesh ears in the skin color and 6 fantasy eyes.

#43 Japanese Blossom Princess - YSYS Ginny Zafiro Ad#43 Japanese Blossom Princess - YSYS Ginny Zafiro Hud


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Ankle Lock/Nails – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Mid Feet, Nails from base hud for Slink Feet and Hands

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape – Mine

Skin/Eyes/Ears – Your Skin & Your Shape (YS&YS) – Ginny – Zafiro with Drow eyes (@ The Fantasy Collective May Round)

Hair – Ayashi – Hanako – Brown Set (I tinted it to look darker and used the hud to hide the optional hair sticks)

Eyemask – Siratama (formerly Died Peony – owner is pnknkitin) – Sakura Eyemask Blood RARE (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Lip Piercings –  Siratama (formerly Died Peony – owner is pnknkitin) – Sakura Piercings that came with the Eyemask (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Horns – Ayakashi Yokocho – Komachi Sakura Horns in Purple (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Tail – Ayakashi Yokocho – Komachi Sakura Tree Tail in Purple (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Geta (Shoes) – Ayakashi Yokocho – Komachi Ume Geta in Purple (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Kimono – Bare Rose (B@R) – Karasu Ohka Kimono

Pose in Photo 1 – Scene – Sakura Petals 04 (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Pose in Photo 2 & 3 – Scene – Sakura Petals 05 (gacha @ Origami Event back in March)

Pose for Composite – Vestige – Now Versace 1

Location – Caladan Forever Dreams

Petite Chat about Fantasy Faire

#31 Petite Chat

I invited my two petite friends Clover and Chigs over again to tell them about all the fun I have had at the faire. Clover was so excited that she had been able to get all of the Fallen Gods exclusive Petite skins they only have out during the faire. She had missed them the last few years but is all caught up now! I also got the chance to show them the new stuff I got for us petites, including the mushroom table and chair set and the bluebell flowers with wonderful poses. I even got to share some of my photos of other faire goers and organizers. I only got a couple and they are no where near as good as the lovely Alisaundra’s paparazzi pictures but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

#31 Faire People

I saw these two in Poppetsborough. I’m sorry I didn’t take down their names, but their looks were really cool so i still wanted to share the photo.

#31 Faire People and Dragon

Then while at Odyssey one day I saw Gargieux, the big dragon, drawing a huge crowd of faire goers. He even let one of them pet him! It was quite the sight.

Credits for me:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Eyes – Yabusaka Petite V2

Love n Lust – Omega Applier for Petite Avatar

Skin – Lumae – Jewel in Epona with Tribal Makeup (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – it’s a RFL item! She has a pretty blue toned skin too, both colors in Adore and Jewel skin. All 4 items are 50% off at the faire. Lumae is on the Ichi-go Ichi-e sim.)

Hair – Magika – Distracted (Resized down to petite size.)

Outfit/Shoes/Arms/Necklace – Bare Rose (B@R) – Petite Fairy of Rose C3 in Purple (Bare Rose is at the Faire but not sure if this outfit is there or not.)

Wings – Evie’s Closet – Caoimhe Wings (@ Fantasy Faire 2015, it’s a RFL item!)

Mushroom Table and Chairs – Dragon Magick Wares – Petite Mushroom Table and Chairs (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Bluebells – Petite Plunder & Immortal Inspirations – Bluebells and Butterflies FF2015 Hunt Prize (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Credits for Willow:

Mesh body/Hands/Feet – Fallen Gods Inc – Petite Spirit Dryad tinted light pink (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – only available at the Fantasy Faire get it now or wait until next faire!)

Eyes – Prima Petite – Daydream Eyes 2 in Serendipity

Hair – A&A – Loreley Hair Petite – Pink Tipped 7

Outfit – Eternal Limited – Petite Sapphire Sparkles Bodysuit

Credits for Chigs:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Eyes – Yabusaka Petite V2 Male

Outfit – Ankle Biter – Tree Guardian

Hair – (He didn’t list it on his notecard)

Elements – Fire

#8 Elements - Fire

Here is the third installment of my Elements series, once again inspired by Lindsey Stirling and her song “Elements”.

#8 Elements - Fire Dance


Mesh Body – Slink

Hands – Slink Casual

Shape – still Mine 🙂

Skin – Plastik – Astrali – Luniarrah (Got this at the skin fair and LOVE it! You will probably see it more in the future. ^.^)

Hair – Exile – Callisto in Moonlight

Eyes – Adoness – Iridian eyes in Wheat Field (from the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5

Eyelashes – BC Designs – Eyelashes (Free on Marketplace)

Eyeshadow – Izzie’s – Romy Bright Glossy in Orange

Lipstick – Izzie’s – Lipgloss natural (from her delusional skin)

Armor/Wings/Boots – Bare Rose – Phoenix Armor

Bracelets/Armband – Handariel (Gatcha at The Secret Affair)

Pose in Photo 1 – BauhausMovement – Anais’ Violin

Pose in Photo 2 – Serendipity (Store on Marketplace) – Forest Dance 1

Location – Purgatory Barrens