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#40 Priestess

J’na summoned a crystal and sent it to guide her companions. Ahead she could hear the faint sounds of fighting. Weapons clashing and her tribe’s battle-cry mingled with the feral screams of the big cats that fought beside them and the growls of the enemies’ wolves. She urged her companions to quicken their pace. All she could do was cling to the saddle and pray they made it in time.

#40 Priestess Close

They had almost reached the battleground when she saw someone on a wolf racing towards her tribe’s sacred ground. She tapped her mount and nudged the crystal guiding them to intercept the enemy. The lion at her side broke off and racing forward leapt onto the enemy wolf taking him and his rider down. The screams of the man and wolf gurgled and died. The lion gave them one last look as if to be sure they were no longer a threat and turned to lope back to rejoin J’na and her mount. She reached over and ran her hand over his mane, silently praising him.

#40 Priestess Protect

Soon they reached the tribe’s sacred ground and J’na hopped down to take a protective stance in front of the powerful crystal her tribe protected. It was the heart of their forest and it must never be harmed. The panther and lion each found a place nearby to guard her along with the sacred crystal. She could still hear the battle raging on and wished she could join them and heal some of her tribesmen, but the crystal was far more important than their tribe and as priestess it was her duty to ensure it’s safety.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Head/Eyes/Skin – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Armband – Aisling – Khatel Armband in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Bracelet – Aisling – Khatel Bracelet in Silver (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Top – Luas – Kalina Top RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Skirt – Luas – Kalina Skirt – Silver and Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Crystal – Cubic Cherry – Diviner – Crystal – Purple (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Staff – Alchemy – The Shaman – Gnarled Staff – Oath (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Lion – Alchemy – The Shaman – Regal Lion Companion in Dark (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Panther – Alchemy – The Huntress – Panther Mount in Mystic Obsidian (@ The Secret Affair May ’15 Round)

Pose for Photo 3 – Vestige – Modeling Default 2 – Pose 6-1 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Location – Chakryn Forest


Priestess Preview

#39 Priestess Preview

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted this week yet. It’s been one of those rough weeks. Got a migraine and took a new medicine for the first time. Sadly it did not work, so I still have the headache. However, I am hoping to sleep well tonight and get a few posts out this weekend. You can look forward to a post featuring the Fantasy Gacha Carnival items, which is previewed in the photo above. I also have items from The Secret Room and The Fantasy Collective, some from my sponsors and some from others. I also want to an Egyptian outfit and story soon.

For now I will leave you with the image above, which like I said is a preview of my outfit and story for the first Fantasy Gacha Carnival look I put together. I was playing with windlights and came across this and loved how it looked. I hope you enjoy it! Here are the credits for what is shown.


Head/Eyes – May’s Soul & Antielle – Desdemona Head Gacha – Nia Priestess (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Hair – Doe – Meeka Solid – Essentials Pack RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Collar – Luas – Kalina Collar RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Headdress – Aisling – Khatel Headdress RARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival May ’15 Round)

Windlight – Phototools – Fashion Path Light 01 on the Firestorm Viewer

Siren’s Call

#36 Sirens Call WHRP Contest Pic

A head breaks the surface of the water as a woman walks onto the beach from the water’s depths. She walks slowly closer stopping when the water is about six inches deep. She sees a man sitting alone down the beach a ways and smiles a predatory grin. She opens her mouth and sings, calling him to her. Her sweet song flows to him on the wind and he stands and turning walks toward her. His eyes have glazed over and she stretches her free arm out to him as she continues her song. He reaches her and takes her hand, following as she backs further into the water. She sings even as she lulls him into the water. The water ripples outward as they disappear beneath its surface and then calms again.

#36 Sirens Call Comp

It’s We ❤ Roleplay’s 2nd birthday and they are having a photo contest! I love this event and so had to put together a look for it. You can find the info on the contest here and the flickr pool of photos here.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Head – Slink Physique, Casual and Bag Hands, Mid Feet, Visage Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Fallen Gods Inc – Oceanica – Indian Lyssa (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Eyes – Negaposi – Mystic Eyes – Dreamy

Hair – Ayashi – Irime Hair – Basic Set (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Headchain – Le Forme – Moon Goddess Gold (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Top/Skirt/Panties – Enfant Terrible – Verelis in Gold (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Ears – Soul – Mer Ears Long

Necklace – Empyrean Forge – Lir’s Charm Summer Colors in Gold (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Ring – Empyrean Forge – Reverie Ring in Gold (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Bracers – Wimey – Purest Branch Gold (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Nails – Senzafine – Virgin Huntress Teal,Green,Yellow (10L @ We Roleplay May Round)

Staff – Aisling – The Hierophant Staff (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Pose in 1st Photo – anLar – The Regatta Series – Pose 3 (@ We Roleplay May Round)

Pose in Composite Photo – Vestige – Harper 1 – Pose 5 (@ The Thrift Shop May 2015)

Location – Brandy Wine Island

Carni Demoness

#21 Carni Demoness

The demoness looked around the place that was once filled with laughing children and smiled at the the havoc her children had caused. It was now a desolate wasteland with broken bodies and soulless children. She patted her nightmare’s neck and gave one last proud glance at her offspring’s’ work as the mare reared and they disappeared back into the mists.

#21 Carni Demoness Comp


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Pearl Tone – Darkling Makeup (@ The Black Fashion Fair for 50% off!)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus – Devil (@ The 100 Block Fair)

Crown – Remarkable Oblivion – Necromancer Crown (Resized down a bit and ribbon changed to a dark red.)

Hair – Lamb – Miss Mabel V2 – Reds (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Corset/Panties/Back Skirt – Enfant Terrible – Showstar in black (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Tattoo – Speakeasy – Die Slow Tat Mystery Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Arms/Hands – Aisling – Morigan Hands Exclusive Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Legs/Feet – Aisling – Morigan Legs in Red (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Wings – Sweet Thing and Darkend Stare – Disgraced Angel Wings  (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Carousel Horse – Devious Minds – Carnival Ride – Demon RARE (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Location in 1st Pic – Ever Winter

Pose in 2nd Pic – Bounce This Poses – Mega Pose Pack – Destiny 6 (@ Pose Fair 2015)

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Website

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow How To Play

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Start Location

Little Red Wolf

#11 Little Red Wolf 1

As you may have noticed I like many styles. However Fantasy and Punk are definitely my favorites. 🙂 So here is my version of punk version of Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf.

#11 Little Red Wolf 3

I didn’t want her to be a grungy punk so much as an elegant one. The jewelry and tattoo along with the hair I think helps with that. 🙂 Below is closeups so you can see all the wonderful details.#11 Little Red Wolf Comp


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Shape – Mine

Hands – Slink Casual w Stiletto Nails

Nail Polish – The Little Bat – Fishnet Nails in Red

Skin – Soul – Davina in Frappe

Makeup – Sn@tch – Unearthly Makeup in Red (From Twisted Hunt)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia Eyes – Albino Tiger (Quickly becoming my favorite eye store.)

Hair – Adoness – Toffsy in Maroon (My Favorite alternative hair store!)

Facial Piercings – Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream in Ink

Necklace – Aisling – Dangara – Collar (A rare from her Gacha in the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Has a hud to change colors and metals.)

Belly Piercing – Plastik – Krysis Bellyring – Arian

Ears / Tail – Aisling – Lubin – Wolf Neutral/Dark (From a past Gacha Event)

Tattoo – Things – Eden (Discovered this store at the Skin Fair 2015 and fell in love!)

Shirt – Revolt – Luna Strapped Top – Red Plaid (Has a hud to change the color of the straps and metal rings.)

Gloves – Razor – Foe Gloves – (Has a version to fit Slink! And lots of color options in the hud.)

Skirt – Blueberry – Bisquit – Zipped & Strapped Skirt in Black (There is color change options for the straps, metal, pockets, and leather zippers. However the red on it didn’t match the rest of the outfit.)

Boots – Black Haus White Market – Biker Chain Gang Boots

Pose Prop – Exposeur – Narrow Dark Alley

Pose in Photo Composite – oOo – Moody 2 – pose 7