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Spires of Andolys

#29 Spires of Andolys Carriage

Ylani smiled as she rode in the carriage and looked up at the beautiful castle overlooking the small town. As night began to fall fireworks were starting to go off and light the sky above the castle.

#29 Spires of Andolys Garden

She lifted her skirt and descended from the carriage. Her bare feet touched cool stone and she suppressed a chuckle at the memory of the fairy godmother who had attempted to give her glass slippers along with her new gown and appearance. She probably hadn’t need to glare quite so fiercely but the mere thought of shoes, let alone glass ones, was more than she was willing to bear. And really, who in their right mind would walk around in glass freaking shoes?

#29 Spires of Andolys Portrait

She walked down the path through a small patch of trees and flowers and looked at the tall tower standing in a clearing by itself. A small sign near the ground declared it Rapunzel’s Tower. Near the sign was a small portal, she shrugged and walked through it finding herself at the top of the tower in a small room. She crossed to the balcony and looked out over the town and castle.

#29 Spires of Andolys


No mesh body

Skin – Plastik – Immortalia Skin Mortulus (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is one of their 2 free skins)

Eyes – Senzafine – Enchant Eyes – Steel Haze (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Hair – Analog Dog – Sola in Dark Brown (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Dress – Bite and Claw – Suriya in Fern (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Tiara – Fujiwara’s World – Heart Tiara in silver (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Eyelashes – no. 7 – Wings Couture Lashes (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Necklace – Zyn – Elven Chakrah Amulet (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Bracelet – Unrepentant – Titania Bracelet in silver (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Poses – Vestige – Modeling Default 1 pose 5 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Location – Spires of Andolys

The Fantasy Faire is still going on until May 3rd! Get out there and help support Relay for Life. 🙂 Don’t forget to do the hunt as well. Not only is it a fun way to see all of the sims, it has a ton of great prizes at the end.

Fairelands Junction

#28 Fairelands Junction Petite

Ylani splashed and danced in the water dodging a jellyfish at the last moment. Not only had the fire sprites’ spell made her able to breathe underwater, it had also shrunk her down to a small fairy sized sea sprite. After a few moments of exploring the underwater portions of the Faire Junction she decided she rather liked being small. It made it much easier to explore those tiny little spaces. Although she could do without the fish trying to eat her.

#28 Fairelands Junction Underwater

After a while of swimming her legs get a bit tired. A seahorse swimming by sees her sitting on a ledge and nudges her leg and motions to his back. She smiles and hops on gratefully. He took her on a tour of the waters, swimming until she felt the spell starting to wear and she gestured she needed to get to the surface. Not long after they reached the surface and she thanked the seahorse the spell wore off and she regained her normal size. Looking down she smiled to see she had in fact regained her true hybrid form again.

#28 Fairelands Junction and Odyssey

(This shows Faireland Junction and Odyssey)


Mesh Body/Head/Hands/Feet/Skin/Eyes – Fallen Gods Inc – Petite Sea Sprite (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 only until May 3rd then it disappears again until next Faire! A RFL item!)

Hair – Magika – Pixie in White (Resized down to petite size)

Top/Skirt/Scales/Jewel on Forehead – Evie’s Closet – Petite Lumina in Blue (Evie’s Closet is @ Fantasy Faire 2015 and has a beautiful dress, slippers, and wings as RFL items!)

Headdress – Tableau Vivant – Mermaid Headdress (Resized down to petite size)

Seahorse Mount – That Chick – Petites Mystery the Seahorse (From Faire 2013 hunt prize I believe)

Poses – AO again – Kuso (by Daiz Papp) – Flying Pixe AO

Location – Faire Junctions (Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, he did an awesome job!)

Fantasy Faire Info and Sim Links

Note: So the panorama shot was from an oops. I switched from snapshots saving to inventory to saving to disc and didn’t double check my dimensions. >.< However a few came out nice.

And I just had to add this because it made me giggle. On the marketplace description of Evie’s Closet’s Lumina is the following…

“Take a look at Lumina now. She’s technically still a Mermaid, she just has this snazzy Sea Jewel set into her forehead, which enchants her and lets her “borrow” someone’s legs for a bit.

(Please don’t ask what happens to the person on the other end of the enchantment… We’re not exactly sure, yet. The goblins are looking into it.)”

Petite Piano Picnic

#27 Petite Piano Picnic

I decided to call a couple of my fairy friends over for a small get-together. I wanted to show off my new garden piano and deck chairs. I bribed them with cookies. 🙂

#27 Petite Piano Picnic - Piano

Thanks so much Willow and Chigs for coming over and letting me take photos of us!

#27 Petite Piano Picnic - Chairs and Cookies

The piano and petite furniture are from the Fantasy Faire going on right now. So is my dress, wings, and skin. If you haven’t been yet you really need to go! There are 13 beautiful sims, 10 of which have a combined total of around 150 stores. Each store has a few vendors selling donation items. The money is going to Relay for Life as well as the money from the donation kiosks in various spots on each sim.

#27 Petite Piano Picnic - Petite

Credits for me:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Eyes – Yabusaka Petite V2

Love n Lust – Omega Applier for Petite Avatar

Skin – Lumae – Jewel in Epona with Tribal Makeup (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – its a RFL item! She has a pretty blue toned skin too, both colors in Adore and Jewel skin. All 4 items are 50% off at the faire. Lumae is on the Ichi-go Ichi-e sim.)

Hair – Magika – Distracted (Resized down to petite size.)

Dress – Beyond Persuasion Design (BPd) – Dragon Realm Guardian (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Wings – That Chick – Swirl Drop Wings (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Ao used for poses – Kuso (by Daiz Papp) – Flying Pixe AO

Piano – Kaerri – RFL Garden Piano (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Chairs/Table – Petite Plunder & Immortal Inspirations – Floral Fantasy Deck Chair / Lounge / Side Table (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – all three items are RFL. Plus the table gives cookies!)

Credits for Willow:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Skin – Fallen Gods Inc. – Petite Sea Sprite with full bright and a pink tint (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – their exclusive for FF2015 and a RFL item, get it now or wait until next faire!)

Hair – A&A – Loreley Hair Petite – Pink Tipped 7

Eyes – Prima Petite – Daydream Eyes 2 in Serendipity

Outfit – Angelwing – Petite Frost Fairy (tinted pale yellow)

Credits for Chigs:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Skin – Fallen Gods Inc. – Petite Sea Sprite also tinted (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – their exclusive for FF2015 and a RFL item, get it now or wait until next faire!)

Outfit – Solange – Petite Peacock for Men in Aqua

Hair – (He didn’t list it on his notecard, I’ll ask and get it on here when he comes back online.)

Ichi-Go Ichi-E (Part 1)

Ichi-Go Ichi-E Part1 - Waking

Ylani clawed her way back to consciousness and lay for a moment before opening her eyes. The sight of flowers towering over her confused her, but before she could wonder about it too much a strange glowing bark mask appeared above her. Startled she went to sit up and groaned as she saw her body. The last thing she remembered was the Japanese area and dancing with the fairies… oh and the angry goblin. She sighed and looked up at the collection of wood, moss and mushrooms gathered into a sort of humanoid shape with a glowing mask for a head.

“Hello. May I ask where I am? And what I am?” She asked the creature in front of her.

“You are in Ichi-go Ichi-e at the Faire.” The creature said in a soft feminine voice cocking her head sideways as she continued, “How do you not know you be a tinderling?”

Ylani stood and searched through the vast library in her mind. Tinderlings were mentioned briefly in The Apprentice Journals. They were manifests of a land’s life force sometimes also called the keepers. She gave the other tinderling what she hoped was a smile, although she didn’t see a mouth per se, and replied, “It’s a long story. Maybe I could tell you over some refreshments?” The other tinderling nodded and beckoned for her to follow.

#25 Ichi go Ichi e Tinderlings

They went to a nice outdoors cafe run by some fairies and took a seat. While they waited for their tea and cake Ylani told Shari, the other tinderling, about her travels to the faire and how it had all been going very well until her and the sakura fairies woke a goblin. the last thing she remembered was him casting magic on her. Their food and drink came and she stood on the stump to reach for it only to pause. The tea was a funny green color.

Shari opened her maw and shoved cake in noisily.

Ylani dipped a finger in the tea and asked, “Are you sure this is safe?”

Shari bobbed her head and said, “This is the Faire Folks Tea of Wonders.”

Ichi-Go Ichi-E Part1 - Transformation 1

Ichi-Go Ichi-E Part1 - Transformation 2

Ylani looked down at it doubtfully then lifted it and carefully took a sip. She had just finished the slightly bitter drink when she started to glow and felt her body changing. Shari slurped the tea through her finger and nodded seeing the swirlings begin. She glanced down at the Fennux under the table near their cake and rustled letting off some mushroom puff at it. Looking back up and seeing the transformation end she nodded and said, “It worked.”

Ylani sighed at her new look and shook her head sadly, “No I’m still not right. I am a silver dragoness.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you regain your true shape. For now I must go. Remember, once you have been here and seen the Fae Cafe you cannot speak of it to the tall ones. You must only ever come back here in times of dire need and seek me nearby growing somewhere.” Shari hopped down and disappeared in the nearby grass.

Ylani stood and after thanking the fairies she decided she may as well wander this new area and make some more purchases to benefit the cancer sufferers.

Whew, sorry it was another lengthy one. Thank you so much to the lovely Shari Cortes for joining me! Oh what fun it was. 😀 I used some of the little roleplaying we did as well. And a huge thank you to ColeMarie who happened by and passed us the pretty particles used in the transformation! As soon as Shari shares her link with me I will add that here so you can see her post as well.

Credits for Ylani:

Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Tiny Forest Tinderling RFL Ed. (@ Fantasy Faire 2015, this is a RFL item and its a 2 pack that includes a normal sized version and a tiny.)

Particles for transformation – Cole’s Corner (by ColeMarie Soleil) – Electric Mana Aura (She’s @ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Outfit from after the transformation will be in Part 2 as will the credits for it. 🙂

Credits for Shari: Her post! Go check it out!

Cerfantasyridwen’s Cauldron – Tiny Mushroom Tinderling RFL Ed. (@ Fantasy Faire 2015, this is a RFL item and its also a 2 pack that includes a normal sized version and a tiny.)

Location – Ichi-Go Ichi-E

Fantasy Faire info and Sim Links

Info on the Tinderlings that Ylani paraphrased is from Cerridwen’s Cauldron’s notecard. The full text is below. Thank you Elicio for your wonderful creations. 😀

“We walked as stealthily as we could through the thick forest’s underbrush, with Sharian the Old grunting each time his wizard’s robes got snagged in a twig or branch. We had been searching for weeks now for this new kind of Fae. According to the region’s druids, they were a manifestation of each land’s life force. I parted a frosted bush and stilled a yelp; there, between two red leafed, frosted birch stood what appeared to be a collection of pieces of wood, leaves, ferns and whatnot in a roughly humanoid face; with a “mask” with a glowing rune and eyes. We had found them, the keepers, the Tinderlings!

The Fae Guardians
The Apprentice’s Journals”


#24 YoZakura

Ylani wandered across the bridge leaving Wildhaven Marsh, glancing over at a sign which declared she was now entering a place called YoZakura. Not far from the bridge was a group of japanese style shops. Seeing a cute short kimono outfit she ducked in and picked one out. She had never been able to stand the long kimonos that hindered her movement. But this short one, she went into a curtained off area and changed into it, yes this short one was perfect. She bought it and wore it out of the store.

“Miss, oh miss.” A voice called out to Ylani and she looked over to see a fairy sitting at a table with paints. The fairy smiled and waved her over saying, “You should let me paint your face to match your pretty kimono. The donations go directly to Relay for Life.”

Ylani cocked her head and sat in front of the fairy with a small nod. The fairy picked up a wet cloth and gently wiped her face to clean it off. As she started her painting Ylani asked, “Relay for Life donations? What is that?”

“Why the whole reason for this lovely faire! Have you really not heard what the special sales proceeds go to?” Ylani shook her head and the fairy explained as she painted her face. “Well the money goes into a charity which then uses it to help people fighting various diseases called cancers. They are awful diseases and many die from them. So each year we have this huge faire and earn money for the charity. There are also lots of performances and a quest!”

“How do I know which items donate the proceeds to the charity?”

The fairy finished her face painting and smiled, “Oh that’s easy! They will have a purple sign that lets you know.”

Ylani smiled back and went to stand but the fairy held up a hand to stop her and asked, “Would you allow me to cast a small glamour on you? Just to temporarily change your hair and wings. Oh and hide the horns. It will match your kimono nicely.”

Ylani hesitated and then shrugged. “Sure, why not. Its fun to look different every once in a while.”

The fairy clapped and mumbled a quick enchantment waving her now glowing hands at Ylani. “There we go! Would you like to see?” She held up a small mirror for Ylani to look in. Ylani smiled and thanked the fairy before wandering off to peruse more shops. Anytime she saw a sign with purple stating that item was a donation one she would stop and consider it, all too often she would purchase it as well. At least the money is going to a good cause, she told herself.

#24 YoZakura Dragon

As she wandered she heard a loud rumbling like thunder. Her eyes immediately drawn to the skyline where she sees an ancient dragon curled around a mountain in the sky. She turned and walked the opposite direction, she did not intend to challenge him in any way.

#24 YoZakura Dancing

Soon she reached a small pond with sakura trees in full bloom around it. Instantly some sakura fairies came and began to dance around her. She laughed and couldn’t help but join them. They danced and laughed for some time as petals fell around them, suddenly a goblin jumped out from the forest canopy bed nearby growling angrily at them. the fairies scattered and Ylani didn’t have time to do more than open her mouth to apologize before she was hit with his magic and fell to the ground unconscious.

#24 YoZakura Dancing Close


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Fable – Moon

Scales – Even~Tide – Dragon Scales (They have the same scales but in light and dark purple at the Fantasy Faire, and a rainbow set for the auction!) (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jasmine Hair in Licorice (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia – Ragdoll

Wings – Material Squirrel – Thethys Wings 6.0 (@ Fantasy Faire 2015. On Odyssey sim. This color is not part of the RFL color pack, but the wings are the same.)

Face Paint – Hop Scotch – Facepaint Flower for Visage (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – a RFL item! On Poppetsborough Sim.)

Kimono – Sakide – Nayoko Kimono Black/Purple (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – a RFL item! On YoZakura Sim.)

Particles – Cole’s Corner (ColeMarie Soleil) – Sakura Pearl Dancers (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – not a RFL item but she has some awesome stuff so check her out!)

Poses – Eternal Dream – Fata – Poses 2 and 4 (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Location – YoZakura at the Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire Info and Sims

A quick note – Sorry for the length of this post, it kind of got away from me. 🙂 However I did also want to bring the Relay for Life aspect in since that is the main focus of this wonderful faire. Hope you are enjoying the story so far! Sorry i don’t have every sim hot linked on here, however the lovely FF site I linked has not only the slurls of each sim but a picture and short description.

Wildhaven Marsh

#23 Wildhaven Marsh

Ylani’s draconian eyes widened as she got her first look at the grande scope of the fair before her. When she had first head others talking about it in the dragons’ caves she had shrugged it off as just another fair. She had been to many of them and while they were sometimes amusing they weren’t anything really amazing. Then she began to hear more and more people of different races talking about it with growing excitement.

#23 Wildhaven Marsh Ylani

Her curiosity had been peeked and now here she was looking at by far the largest and most diverse fair she had ever seen. It took up an entire small continent and looked more like different towns and cities of a variety of races as well as some wilderness. She landed near a village that surrounded a small lake and began to explore the shops set up.

#23 Wildhaven Marsh CC Store

Her amazement at the level of magic it must have taken to bring this fair into being grew as she saw the various wares and services being sold. One shop she entered had huge plants inside as well as water on the floor. Yet it seemed to be contained within the shop itself. She spent a few hours exploring the place a sign designated Wildhaven Marsh before she found a place to sleep for the night. Tomorrow she would explore a nearby area she had glimpsed that was filled with sakura trees in full bloom and Japanese buildings.


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Fable – Moon

Scales – Even~Tide – Dragon Scales (They have the same scales but in light and dark purple at the Fantasy Faire, and a rainbow set for the auction!)

Hair – Ayashi – Selena Hair – Basic Pack (@ Create Your Own Tarot April 15-30)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia – Ragdoll

Wings – Sensations – Devil Wings

Eye Makeup – Elymode – Powder Fades for Slink Visage

Dragon Horns – Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Dragon Horns (RARE from his gacha…had to play like 20 times but I had to have these for Ylani! They have texture change as well as glow change.)

Pants/Boots/MiniTop/Top with Arms/Hands – Gauze – The Alchemist (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 on the YoZakura Sim)

Staff – Gauze – Alchemist Staff (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 on the YoZakura Sim)

No Poses – just used my AO – Secret Passion – Passion AO

Location – Wildhaven Marsh @ Fantasy Faire 2015

Ylani and Storybook

#22 Ylani and Storybook

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to Ylani. You will be seeing her a lot in the next 10 or so days as she explores the Fantasy Faire. She is a silver dragoness, although she will not always appear as such. 🙂 I also wanted to thank Storybook for adding me to their blogger family! They have such lovely fantasy clothing and I am looking forward to sharing it. Ylani is wearing Storybook’s new dress from April’s round of We

#22 Ylani and Storybook Close


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Mesh Hands and Feet – Slink Mid Feet and Casual Hands / Slink Ankle Lock

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Fable – Moon

Scales – Even~Tide – Dragon Scales

Hair – Ayashi – Selena Hair – Basic Pack (@ Create Your Own Tarot April 15-30)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia – Ragdoll

Wings – Sensations – Devil Wings

Eye Makeup – Elymode – Powder Fades for Slink Visage

Dragon Horns – Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Dragon Horns (RARE from his gacha…had to play like 20 times but I had to have these for Ylani! They have texture change as well as glow change.)

Dress – Storybook – Illusion – Lunar – Arcane (@ We ❤ Roleplay April Round)

Armbands – Storybook – Illusion – Lunar – Vambraces (@ We ❤ Roleplay April Round)

Mace – Storybook – Belthandien (@ Fantasy Faire April 23rd-May 3rd. Storybook is on the  Ichi-go-Ichi-e Sim.)

Pose – An Lar – Lotus Series – Pose 1 (From a past round of We ❤ Roleplay April Round)

Location – My home. 🙂

Storybook Mainstore

Carni Demoness

#21 Carni Demoness

The demoness looked around the place that was once filled with laughing children and smiled at the the havoc her children had caused. It was now a desolate wasteland with broken bodies and soulless children. She patted her nightmare’s neck and gave one last proud glance at her offspring’s’ work as the mare reared and they disappeared back into the mists.

#21 Carni Demoness Comp


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Pearl Tone – Darkling Makeup (@ The Black Fashion Fair for 50% off!)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus – Devil (@ The 100 Block Fair)

Crown – Remarkable Oblivion – Necromancer Crown (Resized down a bit and ribbon changed to a dark red.)

Hair – Lamb – Miss Mabel V2 – Reds (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Corset/Panties/Back Skirt – Enfant Terrible – Showstar in black (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Tattoo – Speakeasy – Die Slow Tat Mystery Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Arms/Hands – Aisling – Morigan Hands Exclusive Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Legs/Feet – Aisling – Morigan Legs in Red (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Wings – Sweet Thing and Darkend Stare – Disgraced Angel Wings  (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Carousel Horse – Devious Minds – Carnival Ride – Demon RARE (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Location in 1st Pic – Ever Winter

Pose in 2nd Pic – Bounce This Poses – Mega Pose Pack – Destiny 6 (@ Pose Fair 2015)

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Website

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow How To Play

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Start Location

Kitsune Double Threat

Kitsune Mother

Akane craddled her kit and watched the daylight fade away.

Kitsune Mother Night

I decided to do Strawberry Singh’s Double Threat Meme.

Two online screen names you’ve had: other than SL, LadyLilly on FFXI and Soenala on Rift/Landmark/Tera:Online

Two video games you’ve played: FFXI and Sims are probably the most notable, but I’ve dabbled in many mmorpgs.

Two things you love about Second Life: Creating different characters and their outfits, building and clothing making, because I suck at sewing in RL.

Two things you’ve done in Second Life: Owned multiple stores or been partners with friends and been a professional photographer.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life: Create good quality of mesh, tried a few times but not as good as I wanted. Also want to learn how to do animations, I know how to do poses so I think I’m part of the way there.

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: Her inventory and ability to wear almost anything and look good, not to mention the tails and wings and horns, etc that can look natural on SL.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves: Random teleports and random men iming me telling me how hot my avatar is and generally being kinda creepy

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of: Some of the photos my old clan took and made look so not as innocent as the situation really was…such as during bed shopping… you have to try the animations…and they totally took control of the bed and made us do those things! The other… LoL ok, my old SL brother would never let me live this down. When I was editing my skybox… because back then I was always taking things apart and editing them, I happened to see the physical button and clicked it to see what it would do. … It dropped pieces of my skybox 3000+ feet to the sim ground level where they bounced around for a bit. Looking back I get a big laugh out of it too but at the time all I knew was I clicked a button and half of my skybox disappeared so I imed my brother in a panic and when he saw what happened on the ground he died laughing. *Shrugs* I learned from it.

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: Eden and my SL mom Nev, don’t see either of them much but when I do its always a great time.

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: Its more than two items, but stuff made by my old SL brother. Also a ring that an ex made me.

Kitsune Mother Close


No mesh body – the fitmesh dress didn’t work with the body well.

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Casual Hands and Flat Feet

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Delphine – Tone 1 – Icing/Sugar Heart Makeup

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia Eyes in Dragoness

Nails – Adoness – Gloriana

Tattoo – Antielle – Okami Amaterasu (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Hair – Ayashi – Darina – Basic Set

Dress – Devious Mind – Sakura Shibari Dress in Rose Dragon (From a gacha at their store.)

Flower Attachments – Devious Mind – Sakura Shibari Dress in White Sakura RARE (Included the flowers as an extra.)

Shoes – CLAVv – Sacred Geta Black RARE (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Tails/Ears – Schadenfreude – Sakura Mori Kitsune Ears and Tails – This included 9 different single tail colors to match the baby kitsune colors, 2 three tail options, and a nine tail option and the ears. There is also a hud for the ears, three tails and nine tails so they can match the baby kitsune and you can change the flowers on the ears as well. (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Baby Kitsune – Schadenfreude – Marble Two Tailed Baby Kitsune (@ Xiasumi School Festival April 2015)

Poses – None, used my AO since holding the kit overrode it but didn’t override my poses. Secret Passion – Passion AO

Location – Nagare – Home of the Blue Lotus Clan and Dojo Eternal Blades

Desert Flower

#16 Desert Flower

I wanted to showcase some lovely things from my favorite stores in current events. Also I have great news! One of my favorite skin stores accepted me as a blogger. 🙂 You will now find Lumae on my sponsor’s page. I love her skins, and they come with appliers for – Slink Physique/Hands/Feet/Visage, Soul ears (except the mer ears), Soul Kissers, Maitreya, The Mesh Project Body/Head, AMD Bump, Omega Body/Head/Petite, Loud Mouth, Sweet Lips, and Nyam Nyam mouth. I hope I didn’t forget any, but you should definitely go and check her store out. Lumae

#16 Desert Flower Details


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Bag Hands (1st pic), Slink Casual Hands (2nd pic), Slink High Feet and Slink Ankle Lock

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Priestess with Oracle Makeup (Available @ We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round)

Lipstick – Aeva – Glossy Kiss Lips – Icey Kiss (This is Lumae’s old store.)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus in Vibrant Blue (Available @ 100 Block 2015)

Ears – Soul – Uni Ears – High Elf

Nails – Adoness – Gloriana Slink Nails

Tattoo – Fallen Gods Inc – Unholy – Alpha Tattoos in Soft White (Was @ Love and War 2)

Hair – Exile – One Way or Another – Wild Fusion Pack – Hair base included (Available @ Colab88 April ’15 round)

Dress – Plastik – Arona Dress in Steele (Available @ We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round)

Necklace – Plastik – Diviner Chain in Sunless Violet

Earring – Plastik – Diviner Earring (Short) in Sunless Violet

Bellyring – Plastik – Krysis Bellyring in Sunless Violet

Pose and Sword Props – Hopscotch – Dancing Blades 1 (Exclusive available @ Pose Fair 2015)

Full Body Pose in Pic 2 – Elephante Poses – Follow Me 3 (Gift @ Pose Fair 2015)

Headshot Pose in Pic 2 – Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute – Close Up Hand and Face Pack C

Location in Pic 1 – Black Hole