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New Events and Fair Play

#34 Linopolis Lilli

Hey everyone! So many new events opening now that the new month is on the way. With the Fantasy Faire sadly over I have plenty to catch up with. As you can tell I was punk inspired for this post. Storybook’s new dress Torment is out at One Word. Then a couple of my favorite stores had things in events. The boots and leggings are from Insanya at The Black Fashion Fair and 100 Block. I know noth events are over, but I was so excited for the Fantasy Faire I didn’t get time to post  these items yet. I also got a few new things from Razor that I plan to share in future posts. Adoness has a new hair out at the Dark Style Fair 2, so I had to go grab that! The skin is Lumae’s from the Black Fashion Fair as well. The fabulous jewelry is from Plastik at the Fantasy Faire! All three were in Relay for Life vendors.

#34 Linopolis Lilli Close

I also have a new sponsor. The owner of Otherskin is starting an event called Fair Play. She has a team of bloggers set to go and the land set up in it’s first theme. Linopolis! Now she is recruiting creators who would like to have stalls there. Here is a photo of the setup and some information about it in her own words.

#34 Linopolis

What is Fair Play?

Fair Play is a kind of different fair group and organizes permanent fantasy fairs with designs, inspired by games.

Fair Play stands for regularly change and wanna spread the visitor crush. Every day is a bit different! The creators update regularly their spots and publish new releases, this guarantees a good and continuous flux and enough excitement.

What makes the Fair Play fairs so different?

The fairs are all permanent. You can rent Your stall and stay as long You like.

You can change Your design or not, how You like. There is no target! There is no stress and no time pressure.
You have one month time to make and publish one new release. You are also allowed to make one gacha vendor and one limited item if you like.

Which themes have the fair?

There is no theme limit, only a direction, the Fair Play team would be happy about. Fantasy, Gothic, Myth, Kins and Roleplay. No violence, no racism, no sex!

You can find out more by contacting Kaleidos Hope in SL. You can also contact her through the website or visit Linopolis inworld. You can also click on their logo before to go to Linopolis in SL.

Fair Play Logo 1024 x 1024


Mesh Body/Hands – Slink Physique and Casual Hands

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore in Satin tone with Darkling Makeup (From the past Black Fashion Fair event.)

Eyes – Adoness – Havila Eyes – Electric

Hair/Hair Base – Adoness – Loki in Black (@ Dark Style Fair 2 going on until May 31st)

Dress – Storybook – Torment in Velvet (@ One Word May 2015 Round)

Leggings – Insanya – Lace Leggings Ripped in Black (From the past Black Fashion Fair event.)

Boots – Insanya – Overknee Boots Black (From 2015 100 Block event)

Choker – Plastik – RFL Faerie Keepsake (From 2015 Fanstasy Faire)

Necklace – Plastik – Everilda Pendant (From 2015 Fanstasy Faire)

Earring – Plastik – Illariel Earring (From 2015 Fanstasy Faire)

Tattoo – Things – Eden Tattoo

Nails – Ama – Twisted Hunt Nails from 2014 (Marketplace)

Poses – Vestige – Modeling Default Poses 2 – Poses 7 and 10 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Carni Demoness

#21 Carni Demoness

The demoness looked around the place that was once filled with laughing children and smiled at the the havoc her children had caused. It was now a desolate wasteland with broken bodies and soulless children. She patted her nightmare’s neck and gave one last proud glance at her offspring’s’ work as the mare reared and they disappeared back into the mists.

#21 Carni Demoness Comp


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Head – Slink Visage – Emma

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Pearl Tone – Darkling Makeup (@ The Black Fashion Fair for 50% off!)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus – Devil (@ The 100 Block Fair)

Crown – Remarkable Oblivion – Necromancer Crown (Resized down a bit and ribbon changed to a dark red.)

Hair – Lamb – Miss Mabel V2 – Reds (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Corset/Panties/Back Skirt – Enfant Terrible – Showstar in black (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Tattoo – Speakeasy – Die Slow Tat Mystery Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Arms/Hands – Aisling – Morigan Hands Exclusive Rare (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Mesh Legs/Feet – Aisling – Morigan Legs in Red (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Wings – Sweet Thing and Darkend Stare – Disgraced Angel Wings  (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Carousel Horse – Devious Minds – Carnival Ride – Demon RARE (@ TAG! Gatcha The Sideshow)

Location in 1st Pic – Ever Winter

Pose in 2nd Pic – Bounce This Poses – Mega Pose Pack – Destiny 6 (@ Pose Fair 2015)

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Website

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow How To Play

TAG! Gatcha Sideshow Start Location

Steam Doll

#20 Steam Doll

The crowd falls silent as the lights dim to highlight the candlelit stage. Music starts and the doll begins to dance on the end of her almost invisible strings.

I love steampunk and couldn’t wait to show you the look I came up with. I’ve loved Fallen Gods Materica series since I saw it and remembered this set from the Clockwork Spiral Event (Sept 15-Oct 1st 2014) as well as the freebie wings they gave out. When I was shopping at Plastik I saw the corset and had to get a skirt and boots to match because the fawn corset was perfect! Once I had the look put together I wandered SL for quite a few days trying to find a spot I liked. There are a few great Steampunk sims and they have lots of cute spots but none really fit with what I wanted. So I used the Marionette Box from The Pose Shop…without the halloween background. LoL I found a stock background and used it instead.

In other great news, I just found out that I was accepted as an official Fantasy Faire 2015 blogger! I am so excited! So expect to see a lot of great new stuff in the next few weeks. 🙂 The countdown is at 5 days to the official opening. I’ll post the Fantasy Faire poster and links to all the information below the credits.

#20 Steam Doll Comp


No mesh body

Shape – Mine

Mesh Hands – Slink Casual Hands

Skin – Fallen Gods Inc. – Materica in Rust Compact

Eye – Adoness – Lucus – Walnut (@ The 100 Block Fair 2015)

Eyepatch – Bombard – Clockwork Eyepatch Left (The gear on this is animated and rotates!)

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Sherilyn Hair – Basics Hud

Top – Plastik – Stellus Top in Fawn

Skirt – Plastik – Vyrr Skirt in Rugged

Boots – Yvarra Boots in Fawn

Prop/Pose/Marionette Strings – The Pose Shop – The Marionette Box

Background replacement – Laschae – Steam Eternal Backgrounds (I edited Brown5 to black and white.)

Pose in Photo 2 – Vestige – Versace 4 – Pose 18 (@ The Black Fair 4/17-5/1/15)


Fantasy Faire Blog/Website 

Fantasy Faire Flickr

Fantasy Faire Pinterest

Time Traveller

#18 Time Traveler

“The pyramids? Steam era? Hmmm so many choices.” Janet looked around at the various portals she had open trying to decide when to travel to next.
#18 Time Traveler Close

Both of my sponsors have items in the Black Fashion Fair that starts tomorrow. Not to mention i had just gotten Plastik’s gorgeous new dress and Lumae’s classy skin/makeup and Vestige’s poses worked so nicely together. I also loved the new hair I got from Tableau Vivant, although I happened to notice, not until after I had the photos done and was uploading everything, that the hair looks a tad funny from the angle in the first photo. Sorry! I’ll watch that better next time. LoL


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Casual Hands, Slink High Feet and Slink Ankle Lock

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Jewel – Rosy Skintone with Draven Makeup  (@ The Black Fashion Fair starting April 17th, 2015 for 425L, that’s 50% off!)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus in Vibrant Blue (Available @ 100 Block Fair 2015)

Nails – Plastik – Painterly Dark in Blue

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Sherilyn Hair in Basics

Dress – Plastik – Crotan Gown in Kora (@ 100 Block Fair 2015)

Pose Prop – Cyrious – Aeternus Pose Prop (From the Twisted Hunt Fall 2014)

Pose in Photo #1 – Vestige – Natulous 6 (@ The Black Fashion Fair starting April 17th until May 1st. Vestige items will be 50% off!)

Pose in Close-up Photo – Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute – Close-up Hand and Face Pack C

Galactic Jewel

#17 Galactic Jewel

Seon opened her eyes and looked out through the glass of the tank. Where was everyone? If she was awake they must be nearing their destination, but if that was so then there should be others waking as well as medics to help them readjust after their long sleep.

#17 Galactic Jewel Closer

Lumae is going to be at Genre’s Rockabilly round starting April 15, 2015! Her skins will be out for 100L each tone so you definitely want to stop in! Plus her Scream Queen Skin will actually have both Jewel and Adore included with 3 makeup options and the Leevi ears in matching skin tone. Each skin also includes the following appliers: Omega Body/Head, Omega Petite for Yabusaka Petite V2, Slink Hands/Feet/Physique/Visage, The Mesh Project Body/Head, Maitreya Body, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Sweet Lips, Kissers, AMD Bump and Soul Ears (except mermaid).


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Casual Hands, Slink High Feet and Slink Ankle Lock

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Jewel – Scream Queen – Shocker Makeup (@ Genre starting April 15th, 2015 for 100L)

Ears – Lumae – Leevi Medium Ears in Scream Queen (Included with the Skin)

Eyes – Plastik – Galaxie Eyes in Elola (Available @ 100 Block Fair 2015)

Nails – Plastik – Painterly Dark in Blue

Hair – Magika – The Wish – Set 2 for Colors

Outfit – Le Forme – Arien Outfit in Blue (Available @ We Roleplay April ’15 round)

Pose Prop and Poses – Glitterati – Cryo Chamber Clean (She no longer has an inworld store but you can still find her stuff on marketplace!)

Desert Flower

#16 Desert Flower

I wanted to showcase some lovely things from my favorite stores in current events. Also I have great news! One of my favorite skin stores accepted me as a blogger. 🙂 You will now find Lumae on my sponsor’s page. I love her skins, and they come with appliers for – Slink Physique/Hands/Feet/Visage, Soul ears (except the mer ears), Soul Kissers, Maitreya, The Mesh Project Body/Head, AMD Bump, Omega Body/Head/Petite, Loud Mouth, Sweet Lips, and Nyam Nyam mouth. I hope I didn’t forget any, but you should definitely go and check her store out. Lumae

#16 Desert Flower Details


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands/Feet – Slink Bag Hands (1st pic), Slink Casual Hands (2nd pic), Slink High Feet and Slink Ankle Lock

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Priestess with Oracle Makeup (Available @ We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round)

Lipstick – Aeva – Glossy Kiss Lips – Icey Kiss (This is Lumae’s old store.)

Eyes – Adoness – Lucus in Vibrant Blue (Available @ 100 Block 2015)

Ears – Soul – Uni Ears – High Elf

Nails – Adoness – Gloriana Slink Nails

Tattoo – Fallen Gods Inc – Unholy – Alpha Tattoos in Soft White (Was @ Love and War 2)

Hair – Exile – One Way or Another – Wild Fusion Pack – Hair base included (Available @ Colab88 April ’15 round)

Dress – Plastik – Arona Dress in Steele (Available @ We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round)

Necklace – Plastik – Diviner Chain in Sunless Violet

Earring – Plastik – Diviner Earring (Short) in Sunless Violet

Bellyring – Plastik – Krysis Bellyring in Sunless Violet

Pose and Sword Props – Hopscotch – Dancing Blades 1 (Exclusive available @ Pose Fair 2015)

Full Body Pose in Pic 2 – Elephante Poses – Follow Me 3 (Gift @ Pose Fair 2015)

Headshot Pose in Pic 2 – Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute – Close Up Hand and Face Pack C

Location in Pic 1 – Black Hole

Biker Babe @ 100 Block

100 Block Photo Contest 2015 - Lilli Halsey

I love going to the 100 Block Fair and its so fun to challenge myself to use as many exclusive pieces as I can for my photos that I enter into the contest. Below is a closeup of some of the amazing Items!

100 Block Pic 1 CloseupsCredits:

Exclusives from 100 Block:
Hair – Mina – Joelle – Ombres Pack
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Adrasteia @ 75%
Top – Heartastic – Naughty Bethany Top in Purple
Skirt – Zombie Suicide – Halt Skirt
Shoes – Diamante – Rebellious – Bitch Pumps
Eyes – Adoness – Lucus – Crazy Purple
Eye Shadow – Plastik – Galaxie Makeup – Sugar
Slink Nails – Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Hot Rod 50’s Flames in Purple
Necklace – B’Leaf – Skull Rose Necklace

Not from 100 Block:
Skin – Lumae – Una in Cream
Lipstick – Heartsick – Chloe Lipstick in Purple
Mesh Body – Slink Physique
Mesh Hands and Feet – Slink High Feet and Casual Hands / Slink Ankle Lock
Shape – Mine

Background Prop – Exposeur Street Scene from Red Light Showcase Prop
Motorcycle Prop / Pose – The Pose Shop – Motorcycle – Victims of Ink Exclusive
Windlight – Places Old New York

Pose for the 2nd photo – Vestige – Now Versace 4 – Pose 16 (Coming soon to the Black Fair from 4/17/15 to 5/1/15)