#32 Poppetsborough

Ylani looked up at the books towering over her and then over at what looked to be a town created from a pop-up book. It was definitely as unique as the other areas she had visited in her time at the fair. For someone who loved books she was excited to see what lay within that small town.

#32 Poppetsborough Exploring

Ylani climbed up the side of the book and onto the streets of the town perched on its massive pages. She felt a coolness as magic encompassed her body and she looked down to see that she had been transformed into a paper doll. Her eyes widened in surprise and then she chuckled before looking back up at the town and starting down its street.

#32 Poppetsborough Well

Everything was made of paper, even the animals. There was even a small river down the center of the pages with fish. As she continued her explorations she was amazed at the simple complexity of the entire build. She even found a ride-able paper airplane! She looked at the sun creeping lower in the sky and sighed at the thought that this was the last day she’d be able to explore this magical faire. Her one consolation was that it was an annual event and that it never looked the same. Next year she would return and be able to explore all new magical worlds. She took one last look around the pop-up town and climbed back down the side of the book, once again regaining her true form as she left the area of the magic.

#32 Poppetsborough Sitting


Avatar –ย Dandelion DayDreams Factory – PoppeRana Purple Rare (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

The Story behind Poppetsborough (From DDF’s notecard.)

There was once a very ancient library filled of millions of books, placed in countless and extremely tall piles. The library was held by a very old man who’s name was Jack Dot’n’comma.
One day a mouse who was living there among those dusty books, decided to climb the highest pile of them to see what was on the top.
After a long climbing he arrived on the top but, maybe because the great amount of dust, he sneezed hard and the book over which he was standing popped open.
The mouse stumbled down falling between Jack’s arms, who started muttering about busybody mice.
Meanwhile high above them, something magical was happening. The now opened book started coming to life and a paper world started to unfold… and from that one book it began growing and spreading through out the old Library.

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