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Spires of Andolys

#29 Spires of Andolys Carriage

Ylani smiled as she rode in the carriage and looked up at the beautiful castle overlooking the small town. As night began to fall fireworks were starting to go off and light the sky above the castle.

#29 Spires of Andolys Garden

She lifted her skirt and descended from the carriage. Her bare feet touched cool stone and she suppressed a chuckle at the memory of the fairy godmother who had attempted to give her glass slippers along with her new gown and appearance. She probably hadn’t need to glare quite so fiercely but the mere thought of shoes, let alone glass ones, was more than she was willing to bear. And really, who in their right mind would walk around in glass freaking shoes?

#29 Spires of Andolys Portrait

She walked down the path through a small patch of trees and flowers and looked at the tall tower standing in a clearing by itself. A small sign near the ground declared it Rapunzel’s Tower. Near the sign was a small portal, she shrugged and walked through it finding herself at the top of the tower in a small room. She crossed to the balcony and looked out over the town and castle.

#29 Spires of Andolys


No mesh body

Skin – Plastik – Immortalia Skin Mortulus (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is one of their 2 free skins)

Eyes – Senzafine – Enchant Eyes – Steel Haze (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Hair – Analog Dog – Sola in Dark Brown (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Dress – Bite and Claw – Suriya in Fern (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Tiara – Fujiwara’s World – Heart Tiara in silver (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Eyelashes – no. 7 – Wings Couture Lashes (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Necklace – Zyn – Elven Chakrah Amulet (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – this is a RFL item!)

Bracelet – Unrepentant – Titania Bracelet in silver (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Poses – Vestige – Modeling Default 1 pose 5 (@ The Instruments May Round)

Location – Spires of Andolys

The Fantasy Faire is still going on until May 3rd! Get out there and help support Relay for Life. 🙂 Don’t forget to do the hunt as well. Not only is it a fun way to see all of the sims, it has a ton of great prizes at the end.

Ichi-Go Ichi-E (Part 2)

#25 Ichi go Ichi e

Ylani wandered around Ichi-go Ichi-e purchasing things here and there. She saw some huge insects and butterflies flying around. She also saw every race from human to dragon to animal kin walking around and shopping.

#26 Ichi go Ichi e P2 Dress

She stopped over near the water and had a short conversation with a mermaid. Apparently the faire had a lot of underwater places to explore. She expressed her desire to explore those areas as well and the mermaid called some sprites over to cast a spell on her. The mermaid assured her it would be temporary and hopefully when it wore off she would return to normal.

#26 Ichi go Ichi e P2 Close

Ylani nodded and stood still to let the sprites cast their magic.#26 Ichi go Ichi e P2 Fire Sprites

All of the shops featured in this post are one’s I had not heard of or bought from before the Fantasy Faire. You all have such lovely items! That’s is my favorite thing about the Faire each year, I find all these great stores I might not have found otherwise.


No mesh body

Shape – Mine

Mesh Feet – Slink Flat

Skin/Eyes – Other Skin – Satura in Blood Orange (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Face Tattoos – Fujiwara’s World – Berserker Markies in Blood (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – A RFL item!)

Hair – Analog Dog – Petula Hair in Dark Brown with a Red tint (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Ears – Eclectica – Elf Ear – Fairy version (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Collar/Bracelets – Stitched – Astraea Collr and Bracelets in Golden (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – A RFL item!)

Dress – Senzafine – Vedris (@ Fantasy Faire 2015 – A RFL item!)

No poses, used AO. – Secret Passion – Passion AO

Particles – Cole’s Corner (MarieCole Soleil) – Sunstar Flaming Dancers (@ Fantasy Faire 2015)

Location – Ichi-Go Ichi-E sponsored by The Looking Glass

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