Blue Fae

Wyona turned the last curve of the cave and stopped at the unexpected sight of someone being there. The blue fairy danced around the cave humming to the unicorns and petting them in passing. Wyona stood and stared enraptured until the fairy saw her and came to a stop. She smiled and held a hand out to her.

“Come dance with me.” She said in a musical voice.

Wyona smiled and took the hand held out to her and moved deeper into the cave to dance with the fairy. After what seemed like hours they stopped and Wyona thought to ask the fairy where she came from.

“Why I came with the Faire of course!” She giggled. “It opens soon to all, you should visit it!”

Wyona grinned and nodded. “I had been planning on it! I always find it so fascinating! All the different worlds and creatures and performances!”

“Oh! I had best get back. We open soon and it wouldn’t do for me to be missing.” She curtseyed to Wyona and flittered out of the cave.

The Fantasy Faire opens today at noon to the public!


Head – Genus – Strong

Skin Tint/Tattoos – Rainbow Sundae – Faery Skin Overlay 1 Blushed (@ FF 2020)

Ears – Trap – Shred Ears

Hair – Knox – Heather (Subscriber gift)

Face Gems – Voodoo – Enchantress Gems (@ FF 2020)

Lipstick – Voodoo – Summer Sorbet ( @ FF 2020)

Dress/Panties – Dark Fairy Fashions – Myst Dress (@ FF 2020)

Wings – Ambix – Starlight Wings (@ FF 2020)

Poses – Kuso – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

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