The next place Wyona came across was darker and gloomier with sunken ships spread along the beaches. The ships were old and weathered as if they had been there for years. The market was once again bustling with people both selling and buying goods.

Turning a corner she found herself almost bumping into a demon in the garb of a pirate.

The piratess scowled in her direction and grumbled, “Away with ye. On important business I am.” She brought her hand up and surveyed the crowd that was slightly below.

Wyona took one last look and scurried off back into the crowded marketplace.


Horns – Plastik – Lavai Horn Deco (@ FF2020)

Hair – Analog Dog – Sinai Variety (@ FF2020)

Head – Genus – Strong

Skin – Ab. Fab Skins – Eir Nightshade Skin (@ FF2020)

Eyes – A.D.D. Andel! – Galaxy Eyes RFL No Pupil (@ FF2020)

Necklace – Rise Design – Mythos Necklace (@ FF2020)

Dress – Belle Epoque – Anne FF20 (@ FF2020)

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Reverie Boots Tan (@ FF2020)

Location – Isle of Shadows @ Fantasy Faire 2020

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