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Wysteria and her triplet sisters Estrella and Dee Kehlani grew up in a small forest near an even smaller human village. They lived in a hidden glen near a waterfall with their parents, four elder siblings and an assortment of other relatives. As they were growing up the triplets would often sneak to the human village during festivals and watch the merriment. Wysteria was drawn to the dancing and would often mimic what she saw with her sisters. Estrella loved to hear the stories and poems the bards would tell and often would repeat them to her sisters.

14 Exploring Eyr

As they grew their talents in their chosen hobbies grew and they began to make their own dances and stories. Occasionally, other fae and creatures would pass through their woods, skirting around the human village. The girls loved meeting these new people and would often beg for new stories and dances from…

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New Beginnings

02 My Story Closeup.png

Hey guys! Its been a while since I said goodbye on this blog, but I missed blogging so much that I started a new one on my new main avi. She is a teen and represents my more cutesy side so the styles and such will be different. But there will still be stories and some fantasy! I will also keep trying to improve my photography and be doing some blog memes. Feel Free to come on over and check it out, hope to see you there! ♥

(Credits for the above photo on new blog.)

New Flickr as well –

Faire Dreams in Lucentia

LucentiaSimN’Mara stepped through the portal Bright Horn opened and onto the Faire grounds. Her eyes widened as she looked around. She was in what appeared to be a small coastal town with an interesting mix of old greek / roman and medieval architectures. And the buildings, they were piled on top of one another. She let her eyes travel along the town letting out a little gasp as they became glued on the massive glowing crystal floating inside a sphere in the harbor.

LucentiaSimCrystalAfter several minutes she closed her eyes and turned from the mesmerizing crystal. She moved along the streets wandering through all of the shops. Each shop was its own little world with greenery and fountains. They were all different and went along with the merchandise found within them. She found herself buying trinkets and clothing and even some magic items. She placed them each carefully into the magic pouch Bright Horn had given her.

LucentiaSimCloseShe was was walking past a small clearing with posters around it when someone called out.

“Enchanted jewelry sold here. Each a one of a kind piece.”

She turned and saw a dwarf woman holding a beautiful necklace. She turned towards her and started to ask about the piece when another woman reached past her and took the necklace, holding it up to the crystal light to inspect it.

LucentiaHoodedWoman“Is it really one of a kind? I bet I’d find you have a hundred of these stashed in your bag.” The woman in the hood said in a gruff voice. “Though it is a nice enough trinket.”

The dwarf woman put her hands on her hips and glared at the hooded woman. “I make each piece by hand. When I say it is a one of a kind I mean it. I may have similar pieces but no two are the exact same. Now if you don’t plan to buy it kindly return it to me before I call the paw-lice on you.”

The hooded woman rolled her eyes and tossed the necklace back to the dwarf woman. She gave N’Mara a once-over and then stalked off. N’Mara watched her leave and then turned to the dwarf woman and smiled.

LucentiaNMara“May I see the necklace?” She took the necklace and ran her fingers over the wonderful details. It loosely resembled a scarab with its wings extended. The body was a large gem with many smaller ones around it. “I’ll take it.” She said and after paying clasped it on her neck. It was lovely with her new dress. She waved and continued her exploration of the small town.

LucentiaNMaraCompYay! The Fantasy Faire officially opened today and will run until May 1st. Almost all the stores have at least a few items in vendors that donate the money to the Relay for Life fund. There are also many RFL kiosks you can donate directly to. Over the next 11 days I will try to show you each sim and as many different items from as many different creators as I can. There are also many events and shows going on as well as a hunt that will be beginning soon. There is also a silent auction with many awesome prizes.


For more information about the Fantasy Faire and its events go here. You will also find links to a shopping guide on Pinterest and the Flickr group. If you want to know which stores are where Deoridhe did a wonderful post with an alphabetical list! If there are any errors please let her know. 🙂 She worked hard on the list so also check out her other Faire posts!

Stay tuned for more adventures with N’Mara as she explores the Faire! (You can expect at least this many photos in most posts, hope you don’t mind!)

Credits for N’Mara:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape –  Lumae – Eirtae Average (5ft 10)

Skin – Lumae – Eirtae – Storm (@ We ♥ Roleplay until April 30th)

Eyes – Gauze – DragonBorn Eyes – White

Ears – BentBox – Sylvan Ears – Medium

Hair – Magic Store – Magic Hair – HV17

Dress – The White Armory – Maya of Moonhollow Gown – Darkness (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)

Necklace – Musa – Seraph Pendant – Dark (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on The Golden Delta Sim)

Hair Ornaments/Veil – LOVE – Midnight Lotus Set (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Tinkers Hollow Sim)

Pose in Photo – just AO

Pose in Photo Comp – Black Tulip – Warrior 2 – Pose 7 (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Twilight Illusions Sim)


Credits for Dream Hunter:

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Shape –  Lumae – Eirtae Average (5ft 10)

Eyes – Adoness – Iridian Eyes – Glacier

Skin/Hair/Outfit/Gloves/Boots/Quiver – Posh Pixels – Dream Hunter (auction item @ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st)

Pose in Photo – just AO

Pose in Composite – Eternal Dreams – Hermione – Pose 3 (@ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Breeze Sim)

2nd Hair in Comp Photo – Shi Hair – Bob Knot – Mono

2nd Dress in Comp Photo – Poet’s Heart – Joy – Sinful (RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2016 until May 1st on Dangarnon Sim)


Stage Queen

Madame La Rouge

A quiet knock came on the dressing room’s door followed by a quiet voice saying, “Madame you’re on in fifteen.”

Madame La Rouge turned from placing the last touches on her makeup and said, “Thank you, I’ll be out in a moment. Oh! Please have someone have fresh tea and lemon sent to my room for between my sets.”

“Of course, Madame.”

She leaned down and slipped on her shoes, carefully adjusting her stockings as she sat up.

Madame La Rouge 2

She stood and turned back to the mirror. She stepped back and gave her reflection a close examination. Reaching up she readjusted her small hat making sure the hairpins where holding it firmly on. After some more small touches to straighten the fall of her dress and decorative tail she nodded to her reflection. She drew herself up tall, gathering her regal stage presence about her, and made her way to the stage and her adoring fans.


Madame La Rouge Comp

Hello! I hope everyone is well! ♥ I loved this new dress from Adoness and enjoyed creating Madame La Rouge. The dress was made for Genre’s newest round with a theme of Drag Queens, although I used it more for a Burlesque-ish character. Been quite a while since I have done a story but I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Originally, I meant for her to be a Drag Queen character, and if she came across that way instead of Burlesque that is great! So I used a new male pose from Something New for the first photo. I know most Drag Queens are male, however there are some females.



Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus V3

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape –  Lumae – Odette Shape (modified)

Skin – Lumae – Niska – Tone 3 – Gateau {Redbrow}

Eyes – Adoness – Iridian Eyes – Glacier

Hair – Magicka – Calm

Dress/Hat – Adoness – Glitter Queen in Lusty (@ Genre until Feb 12th)

Garters/Stockings –Razor – Crush – Ear Bleed

Gloves – Luckie – Love Net Gloves (Omega Applier)

Tail – Cubic Cherry – Kitsune Tail Loki (RARE) (gacha @ Kawaii Project until Feb 10th)

Pose in Photo 1 – Something New Poses – So Smooth Gent

Pose Prop and Poses in Photos 2 & 3 – Focus Poses – Vanity Table

Skybox – DH Furniture – Skybox Minimalist

Windlight for Photos 1 & 2 – Phototools – Dorm Light

Windlight for Photo 3 – AnaLu Studio 5


Hey guys. I want to apologize to both my readers and my sponsors for my absence the last two months. I have been battling health issues (including many migraines), depression, stress, and what we thought was a rash but turned out to be bedbugs courtesy of the apartment below us. My computer has barely even been turned on in the past couple months. Now that my health issues are starting to get better and stress and bedbugs are gone, I just need to pull myself out of my funk and get inspired again. I have some looks I had put together but all of the events are long over now.

I am by no means stopping my blog. I still love taking photos and creating my characters. I just need to re-find my inspiration. I will likely take photos of the older looks I put together and post them but they may not have stories. I am going to shoot to have a post up later this week with current stuff from my sponsors.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I know we can’t always help what happens to us and I was thankful for all of the people who visited my blog and flickr while I was gone. If anyone has tips for getting out of blogger block I’d love to hear them. (It’s similar to writer’s block right?) *Hands out Hershey’s kisses to everyone!*

Quick update

Just wanted to hop on and give everyone a small update. I am working on a couple posts, one should be up in a day or two. I haven’t had as much free time lately. The last couple weeks of RL work have been getting busier and busier so by the time I get home from work and eat, I only have a couple hours before I need to sleep so I can repeat the process the next day. Looks as if it will continue to keep increasing until after the holidays. Hopefully we will be getting more staff soon. Until then I will keep doing posts as I can, most will likely be on weekends when I’m not busy.

Please be patient with me. 🙂 I don’t want to rush the looks or photos because then they won’t be up to the quality I strive for. I will also be mainly focusing on items from my sponsors since I won’t have as much time to go shopping around and to all the events. Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to sharing my newest character and story with you soon.


Hey guys! So I went to a really great Lindsey Stirling concert Monday night, however it was 4 hours away so we got home at 4 am and had to wake up at 6:30 am for work so I am going on almost no sleep and am utterly brain dead at the moment. So I will be doing two posts tomorrow night.

Sorry I do not have a photo to share but here is a teaser for tomorrow’s first post. I have mentioned that I love myths and legends and ancient civilizations. Well tomorrow we visit ancient egypt to visit one its most popular goddesses. In early times she was a war-goddess but later changed into a goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and love. Do you know her name?

The other post will be featuring my newest sponsor, Dark Passions! You’ve likely seen some of their items in my previous posts but now you will be seeing them even more. See you tomorrow night, I’m off to get some sleep.