At the entrance to the next sim was a woman casting a spell on people before they dove into the endless expanse of water ahead. Wyona shifted a bit nervously and when she reached the woman asked, “What are you casting?”

The woman smiles reassuringly and responded, “A simple underwater breathing spell so you can enjoy the Depths.” She raised her hands and cast the spell and waved a hand towards the water.

Wyona took a deep breath and dived in. She was surprised to note the water didn’t sting her eyes or wet her clothes.

As she traveled deeper she found a teeming market with both mer people and travelers. Among the kelp and fish at the edges of the market she noticed guards. One in pastel colors particularly caught her eye and she tried not to stare.

She saw the guard look back at her and gave a little nod and slight smile. Turning away she went to check out the shops.


Hair – Ayashi – Yukari (@ Fameshed)

Head – Catwa – Uma

Eyes – Rainbow Sundae – Beautiful Creatures Bright (@ FF2020)

Diadem – Reliquary – Draconic Diadem (@ FF2020)

Skin – Glam Affair – Maya

Tattoo – Even-tide – Wisps (@ FF2020)

Top – Malified – The Bard Queen Top (@ FF2020)

Tail – Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail – Holographics 2

Location – Melusina’s Depths

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