Fashion Show


Hair – Knox – Marie Rainbow

Jumper – Tooty Fruity – Jacki Jumpsuit (Spotlight Event from 7th – 22nd March)

Tail – Sweet Thing – Fuwa Tail

Backdrop – FOXCITY – K-POP STAR 3. X Factor 1 RARE

Pose 1 – Psycho Byts – Lili #1

Pose 2 – Psycho Byts – Lili #6

Lazy Sunday Morning

I took a break this morning to play with Missy’s litter of kittens. They are so cute and energetic it was hard to get them to sit still long enough to capture a picture.


Hair – Truth – Imani

Top – Amataria – Ava Top

Leggings – Amataria – Ava Leggings

Pose/Kittens – Fashiowl – Melodia – #7


Seela moved from her tree for the first time since fall sent her into her hibernation. The sounds of the birds and the wind in the leaves comforting her like a mothers embrace. She heard the flapping of many fragile wings and slowly moved to investigate.

Leaving the forest she came upon a new garden that had been created. Hundreds of butterflies flew among the many flowers and bushes that called to them, promising food. She moved to the center of the garden and stood, basking in the sunlight and flutter of the beautiful delicate beings surrounding her.


Horns – Eternus – Forest Light Horns

Hair – Monso – Julia

Ears – Trap – Shred Ears

Tattoos – Dappa – Sun Dance

Dress/bracelets/necklace – Aisha – Dryad Dress

Pose – Lyrium – Bloom Pose Set 3 – #4

Girls Day Out

Out on the town with my bestie V when our other bestie calls with the latest gossip. I hold the phone to where we both can hear as we continue our shopping.


Hair – Monso – Julia

Tattoos – Dappa – Sun Dance

Dress – Tooty Fruity – Valerie (@ Sinners and Saints Event)

Bag – Zenith – Spring Rattan Bag Rose

Shoes – Tooty Fruity – Keely (Group Gift, group join fee 99L)

Friend Pose – Fox City – Night Out

Single Pose – Dark Secrets – Gift Pose LVP January

Red Head Credits – Flickr or Blog

Making Mischief

Dina hovered slightly as she looked around the empty alley before touching down. She grinned mischievously and hid her wings and horns. Hiking her shirt up again and smoothed her fishnets. Tonight was her first night out solo and she had to prove she could be trusted on her own.

She walked to the end of the alley and turned onto the dim lit street heading towards the biker bar at the end of the road. This would be the perfect place to start a little mischief. As she approached she could hear some Queensryche song playing.

Entering the bar she took a moment to let her eyes adjust and scan the bar for the most likely to be influenced. She spotted a couple of guys playing pool and both glancing over at a group of women who clearly weren’t interested. Perfect. One bar brawl coming up.

Double posts today!! I got my first new sponsor! Tooty Fruity is a women’s apparel store, and I have been selected to blog for them. 🙂


Hair – Exile – Yasmin (for Fifty Linden Friday)

Horns – Teabunny – Confetti Demon Horns (for XOXO event)

Wings – Harshlands – Nemesis – RARE Elements (@ Gacha Garden)

Top – Tooty Fruity – Tasha (@ AnyBody Event)

Gloves – Real Evil Industries – Motor Glove

Skirt – MH Unique Designs – Aryan Skirt Leather

Fishnets – Addams – Zoe Fishnet – No Foot

Boots – Tooty Fruity – Kat (@ Spotlight Event)

Pose in Closeup – Infiniti – Close #2

Clover Fairy

Crystal giggled and danced among the flowers in the forest, happy to feel the sun on her skin as she twirled around the clearing.

“Crystal!” a bell like voice called, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!!”

Crystal stopped her dancing and turned towards her best friend, Tulip.

“Tulip! Did you come to dance with me?”

“No, we are supposed to be in class and you know it! I was sent to get you.”

Crystal’s wings sagged and her toes briefly touched the earth. “But it’s so dull, and the sun is shining so bright. The flowers are singing!”

“And your mother is very upset to find you not in class.” Tulip sighed and muttered something about always being the one sent after Crystal.

“Dance one dance with me and I’ll return with you right after.” Crystal bargained.

“One. Dance.” Tulip did her best stern look and voice. “Then we go to class!”

Crystal clapped her hands in glee and reached out to pull her best friend into the clearing to dance. Hours later they were still basking in the sun and the flowers’ song.


Hair – Ayashi – Mi-chan hair

Flower covering – Clover – Flower Nymph cover

Wings – Evie’s Closet – Caoimhe Wings – Purple

Pose is from AO – Oracul – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Location – Leopard Moon

Cupid Catastrophe Game

Mad Pea has a new game/hunt out! It’s called Cupid Catastrophe and you hunt down cupittos and kill them with a weapon. You get points and sometimes a rare prize! The basic hud is only 100L and contains the hud and a flyswatter type weapon. The other package is 500L and contains the hud and flyswatter weapon along with a vehicle, another weapon, and an outfit.

There is also a gacha with additional weapons you can use against the cupittos. I personally like the bow. 🙂

Below is an image of the hud and how it works. As you gather points you can use them to purchase prizes that are unlocked as the total overall points go up. Get started here.


Hair – Knox – Maria – Black & Whites tinted

Top/Pants/Boots – Blueberry – Unbothered

Pinup Girls

Sorry for the missed post, I’ve been sick. This post doesn’t have a story because I had a hard time finding inspiration. Then I decided to do a pinup photoshoot with one of my best friends. 🙂 Here are a few of the shots and the credits for my outfits!


Hair – Magika – Troubled Heart

Top/Pants/Shoes – Hilly Haalan – Pinup Outfit


Hair – Magika – Troubled Heart

Outfit – Hilly Haalan – Bernadette Bodysuit with Pearls

Nightmare in New Orleans Pt 2

Mama Mojo’s turned out to be a voodoo shop… Lesley loved all of the potions and old books. Tina went straight to the woman at the counter to find out what was going on. Mama Mojo refused to tell them anything about Ada until they went back to the church and found a bunch of specific candles and her book. So back they went, on the hunt for candles scattered around the church and a copy of Mama Mojo’s book. Once they had these in hand they returned.

Mama Mojo asked them to play a card game with her to prove they had done as she told them. It took Tina some time and many tries but she managed to win the game. Mama Mojo finally told them to head to the bayou and look for Ada in a shack.

Off they went to the bayou, where they found not only snakes and alligators, but zombies. Now the knife Mama Mojo gave each of them made more sense. They found a few shacks and searched each one. In one they found a journal. What they found inside shocked them and led them to visit the Voodoo Queen.

After telling the Voodoo Queen what they found out she gave them a list of things they would need to complete a spell to counteract the one in the bayou.

To be continued…

Story inspired by Mad Pea’s Nightmare in New Orleans