Cyber Mall

Zeon wandered through the shopping district looking in each shop window for what she sought. This was the third mall she had been to already looking for the rare plant her father wanted.

It had a special bioluminescense and glowed not only purple but shades of pink as well. It was from a planet far away which is why it was so hard to find here. Dad swore his source said he saw one though so here she was scouring the malls.

She went to pass another plant shop when she caught a glimpse of shimmering purple and pink. She turned back and saw a plant glowing both colors. She used the display on her glasses to check it against the picture her father had given her and grinned. Her search was over.


Hair – Ayashi – Azusa

Visor – Astroidbox – Cyber Visor – Pink

Outfit – Altair – Spectra – Diva

Backdrop – Paparazzi – Metropollis Bridge

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