Nightmare in New Orleans Pt 2

Mama Mojo’s turned out to be a voodoo shop… Lesley loved all of the potions and old books. Tina went straight to the woman at the counter to find out what was going on. Mama Mojo refused to tell them anything about Ada until they went back to the church and found a bunch of specific candles and her book. So back they went, on the hunt for candles scattered around the church and a copy of Mama Mojo’s book. Once they had these in hand they returned.

Mama Mojo asked them to play a card game with her to prove they had done as she told them. It took Tina some time and many tries but she managed to win the game. Mama Mojo finally told them to head to the bayou and look for Ada in a shack.

Off they went to the bayou, where they found not only snakes and alligators, but zombies. Now the knife Mama Mojo gave each of them made more sense. They found a few shacks and searched each one. In one they found a journal. What they found inside shocked them and led them to visit the Voodoo Queen.

After telling the Voodoo Queen what they found out she gave them a list of things they would need to complete a spell to counteract the one in the bayou.

To be continued…

Story inspired by Mad Pea’s Nightmare in New Orleans

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