The Ghost Town

We stumbled upon this journal in a ghost town and were tasked with finding the ghosts and freeing them with these magic cameras. Always game for a hunt and some picture taking we started our search.

We wandered all over the broken ruins of the town. Each time we came across a ghost we took a picture. We found all 19 victims’ ghosts and the ghost of the killer and freed them.

This was from the Mad Pea The Ghost Town game. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a lot of fun playing through it! It’s a free game, so go check it out!!


Hair – Knox – Callie – Black and Whites tinted

Top/Shorts – LeiMotiv – Nikki high waisted ripped shorts & shirt

Boots – Addams – Frida Dr Addams Boots

Location – Mad Pea – The Ghost Town

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