Me, Myself and I Meme – Get to Know Lilli

#10 - I am Meme

So I have been a follower of Strawberry Singh for a long time, way way before I decided to start a blog, and I love her memes. So here is one she gave out last week, the Me, Myself, and I Meme. Here is a link to her original post. Along with you getting to know more about me through the meme I thought I would showcase a few of my favorite stores. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I am not “normal human” often I don’t wear as much of their stuff as I’d like. Enjoy the photos and meme!

#10 - I am Meme Balance

The pond, sakura tree and koi fish are from 8f8 at this round of Sou by Isn’t it gorgeous? Took forever to get the tree and pond since they were rares, but so worth it!

#10 - I am Meme Closer

The romper is from Neverwood and you can find it and the shoes at the Dark Wonderland Fair. Its a bit more of a risque cut than I usually go for but overall I like it. There’s a hat too, but I’m not really a hat person. Was very cute though!#10 - I am Meme Closeup Hands and FaceThe hair is the newest release from Magika one of my all time favorite hair stores! The necklace and bracelets were at an event I went to and I just had to pick them up! I am so sorry I don’t remember which event exactly, I’ve been to so many in the last month or so and it was before I started the blog so I don’t have it written down.

On to the meme!

I am… and introvert and bookworm

I want… to improve my photography skills

I have… music or movies or shows as background music

I wish… I had more free time to do what I love

I hate… rudeness and huge crowds

I fear… losing those closest to me

I search… for a place to belong and just be me

I wonder… what the future holds

I regret… losing touch with some of my best friends both RL and SL

I never… stop learning new things

I usually… have so much I want to do or try

I dance… often but only in private

I sing… all the time

I often… get bad headaches or migraines

(I also often get lost in what I’m doing for hours on end orย lose track of time)

I sometimes… finish a book in a day or two

I cry… at sad parts of books and movies

I need… to clean and sort my inventory… again

I should… try to curb my gatcha addiction

I love… animals, writing, photography, music and so much more

(I added a few others that popped into my head)

I dream… of winning the lottery, paying off my debt and buying a home

I make… poses, clothing, characters

I can… eat ice cream and/or cheese everyday

I find… it hard to make the first move (conversation-wise or with new people)

I try… to be an optimist and see the good in others

Well, now you know a bit more about me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not everything of course, a girl has to keep some mysteries! I will probably post this in an about me page as well, partially because I never know what to write in those.


Mesh Body: Slink

Mesh Hands and Feet – Slink Casual Hands and Mid Feet

Nails – Alyce – Monarch Butterfly (Love Love Love these, I wear them ALL the time!)

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Alaska in Cream with Flirt Makeup (I just recently found this store but am in love with her skins!)

Eyes – Nega Posi – Mystic Eyes in Universe (I love these and they are the ones I always have on under my mesh ones, and when I take my mesh ones off!)

Hair – Magika – Friday in Brown

Eyeshadow – Izzie’s – Romy Dark Metallic Eyeshadow in Blue Teal (I wore an Izzie’s skin for at least a couple years on SL before I recently branched out again. Still love them and her makeups)

Romper – Neverwood – Alice Wrap Romper in Royal (@ the Dark Wonderland Fair)

Shoes – Neverwood – Lorina Platform Wedges in Royal (also @ the Dark Wonderland Fair) – for mid slink feet

Necklace – LUXE – Knotted Dreamcatcher Necklace in Neutral

Bracelet 1 – LUXE – Wooden Bohemian Cuff in Dark

Bracelet 2 – LUXE – Dreamcatcher & Pearls Bracelet in Cream

Pond, Sakura Tree, Koi Fish – 8f8 – Silent Conversations Gacha @ Sou

Grass – KIDD – Grass Green Meadows ( a mix of them)

Pose in photo #1 – Bauhaus Movement – On Your Wings

Pose in photo #2 – Fucking Ninja – Balance Pose

Pose in photo #3 – anLar – Lotus Series – #5

Pose in photo #4 – Sweet Lovely Cute – Closeup Hand and Face Set C (@ Sou)

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