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Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess Peeking

Leia peeked around the corner of the arched window and once she was sure no one was around she carefully lifted her skirts and climbed up onto the window’s ledge.Fairy Princess Climbing Out

She smiled as the window rustled her hair and wings. She sat down and rearranged her skirts before leaning against the cool stone and looking out over the kingdom. This was her secret place, the one place she could get away from castle life and her parents and guards. Fairy Princess SittingCredits:

Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Mesh Hands and Feet – Slink Casual Hands and Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Fable in Mercury

Ears – Lumae – Leevi Medium Ears (Come with the skin)

Eye Shadow – !Musa! – Eyeshadow Lisa (From We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round)

Lipstick – Heartsick – Chloe in Licorice (Just discovered this is an older store by Lumae’s owner!)

Eyes – Adoness – Havila Eyes in Ocean

Necklace and both Bracelets – Plastik – Diviner Set in Lavendar (Diviner Choker [Cluster], Krysis Bracelet, and Krysis Bracelet [Bead])

Hair – Ayashi – Sachi Hair (Basic set) (Crown is included with the hair!) (From We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round.)

Dress – Evie’s Closet – Windsong Gown in Violet (From We ❤ Roleplay April ’15 round.)

Wings – Evie’s Closet – Ellora Fantasy Outfit

Prop and Poses – Exposeur – Stone Arch

Elements – Air

#5 Elements - Air

I recently got the violin set of poses from Bauhaus Movement and they reminded me of one of my all time favorite musicians. Lindsey Stirling’s music video “Elements” inspired this photo, and I plan to do three more as well. I will be adding the video at the bottom of the post so that those who are curious can see what inspired me. The lovely dress is from the March round of We ❤ Roleplay. I saw it and immediately knew it was perfect for this picture. I went a bit more simple on this outfit, but I thought the Eclipse Chestpiece from Plastik was a nice addition to the outfit as well as their Muse Circlet. Then of course we have the gorgeous Blown Away Hair from Exile. 🙂

#5 Elements - Air Closeup

Oh and the scenery, well the clouds, I couldn’t find a location I like so I made one. 😀 I went way up in the air and made a blank white platform and then set down the Realistic Clouds particle emitter I got from Illusions. I was so happy with them! All I did then was play with windlights until I found one I liked. Once again – the photos are unedited except for cropping.


Mesh Body – Slink Physique

Hands and Feet – Slink Bag Hands and Mid Feet

Shape – Mine

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll in Porcelain

Eyes – FATE Mesh Eyes

Hair – Exile – Blown Away in Stark

Dress – :Moon Amore: – Helena Dress from We ❤ Roleplay

Circlet – :[Plastik]: – Muse Circlet in Stark (I made the gem full bright.)

Chest Jewels – :[Plastik]: – Eclipse Chestpiece in Rose (Made this full bright and a little glow.)

Lipstick – HS – Chloe Lipsticks in Silver

Eyes Shadow – Izzie’s – Romy Bright Glossy Eyeshadow in Ice

Pose and Violin Prop – Bauhaus Movement – Anais’ Violin pose 6 with the Yellow violin

Clouds for the scenery – Illusions – Realistic Clouds

Inspiration – Lindsey Stirling – “Elements” video (Oh! Not only is she a violinist and dancer, she edits the videos too! Seriously check her stuff out. ^.^)