Seela moved from her tree for the first time since fall sent her into her hibernation. The sounds of the birds and the wind in the leaves comforting her like a mothers embrace. She heard the flapping of many fragile wings and slowly moved to investigate.

Leaving the forest she came upon a new garden that had been created. Hundreds of butterflies flew among the many flowers and bushes that called to them, promising food. She moved to the center of the garden and stood, basking in the sunlight and flutter of the beautiful delicate beings surrounding her.


Horns – Eternus – Forest Light Horns

Hair – Monso – Julia

Ears – Trap – Shred Ears

Tattoos – Dappa – Sun Dance

Dress/bracelets/necklace – Aisha – Dryad Dress

Pose – Lyrium – Bloom Pose Set 3 – #4

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