Clover Fairy

Crystal giggled and danced among the flowers in the forest, happy to feel the sun on her skin as she twirled around the clearing.

“Crystal!” a bell like voice called, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!!”

Crystal stopped her dancing and turned towards her best friend, Tulip.

“Tulip! Did you come to dance with me?”

“No, we are supposed to be in class and you know it! I was sent to get you.”

Crystal’s wings sagged and her toes briefly touched the earth. “But it’s so dull, and the sun is shining so bright. The flowers are singing!”

“And your mother is very upset to find you not in class.” Tulip sighed and muttered something about always being the one sent after Crystal.

“Dance one dance with me and I’ll return with you right after.” Crystal bargained.

“One. Dance.” Tulip did her best stern look and voice. “Then we go to class!”

Crystal clapped her hands in glee and reached out to pull her best friend into the clearing to dance. Hours later they were still basking in the sun and the flowers’ song.


Hair – Ayashi – Mi-chan hair

Flower covering – Clover – Flower Nymph cover

Wings – Evie’s Closet – Caoimhe Wings – Purple

Pose is from AO – Oracul – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Location – Leopard Moon

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