Cupid Catastrophe Game

Mad Pea has a new game/hunt out! It’s called Cupid Catastrophe and you hunt down cupittos and kill them with a weapon. You get points and sometimes a rare prize! The basic hud is only 100L and contains the hud and a flyswatter type weapon. The other package is 500L and contains the hud and flyswatter weapon along with a vehicle, another weapon, and an outfit.

There is also a gacha with additional weapons you can use against the cupittos. I personally like the bow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is an image of the hud and how it works. As you gather points you can use them to purchase prizes that are unlocked as the total overall points go up. Get started here.


Hair – Knox – Maria – Black & Whites tinted

Top/Pants/Boots – Blueberry – Unbothered

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