Esme called on the ancestors and the demon Asmadeus. Lifting her hands her book and bones floated around her as she got her summoning spell started. She’d been asked to call back a loved one and paid handsomely for it, which was the only reason she was calling on Asmadeus after what had happened the last time. Pervy freaking demon.

The portal behind her began to glow and the demon skull’s eyes took on a red hue.

“Calling me again so soon?” A deep mocking voice asked.

She sighed, “I’d rather not, but what I need done is big. Something only you can do. I need you to bring a soul back across, intact and sane.”

“Hmm. You know my price for such a request.”

She grimaced and said, “I do. Now will you do it or not?”


Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jenna – Fireworks (@ Epiphany)

Bindi/Collar&Arms/Bra/Corset/Panties – Plastik – Variela (@ Epiphany)

Tattoo – This is Wrong – Obscure Creed #13 (@ Epiphany)

Pose/Skull/Bones – Reve Obscura – Necromancer

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Dreaming – Suspicious (@ Vanity)

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