Nightmare in New Orleans Pt 1

Tina looked at the note and plane ticket in her hand again. Her brother was missing and someone thought SHE could find him. He was the detective not her. 

“Hey the plane’s boarding, let’s go!” Lesley said grabbing her arm and pulling her along. She was coming along for the “adventure”. Really it was just an excuse for her to go to New Orleans. 

After an uneventful plane ride we headed to my brothers office to start looking around. It looked like she expected it to. Books and filing cabinets filled the room except where his desk was. Looking around we found a locked drawer with a combo lock on it. It took us a while but we got it open and found Cole’s file on Ada, a missing girl he was searching for. It talked about her sister at a jazz club so that was our next stop.

Before the jazz singer would tell us anything we had to search the club for her missing sheet music AND play the song for her. Eventually, after struggling through the music she told us about her sister’s job at the Cathedral. 

The Cathedral was empty except for one priest in a confessional. Weird fellow, before he’d tell us anything he made us confess our sins. Whatever, we made some stuff up and he slipped us the key to the office where Ada worked. There was a strange doll with pins in it on the chair that made the priest yelp when we stuck it. There was also a strange puzzle box, my brother used to play with a lot of them, that I solved. Inside was a receipt to Mama Mojo’s. No idea what that store is but we were about to find out. 

To be continued….

Credits for Me:

Hair: Truth Hair – Liberty

Dress: Mad Pea – New Orleans Dress

Shoes: Cog & Fleur – Cherry Blossom Stiletto Heels

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