I’m Back!!!

Eat MeI have missed blogging and tried a few times for fresh starts but always always miss this blog. So I’ve decided to return and do what I love most again, post stories and pictures that go along with them!

You’ll notice that I look different and may even use more than one avatar for different posts. This is because I use a new avatar as my main now. She is a fae who tends to hide her wings to fit in the human world better. She appears to be a neko with purple coloring due to an accident with her magic when she was young. I have other forms on her as well but not as many as on my original avatar.

Other times I will use my original avatar for more fantasy looks and stories. This will mean some older skins and items being used so bear with me. I will also be updating the website to my new flickr and newer photos.

I hope that you continue to follow me and enjoy the stories I have to tell. My goal is to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Here are a couple beach pictures I took with a friend just to show off my newer avi. *Blows everyone kisses*

Fruit Cups

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