Tinkers Hollow and Twilight Illusion

Tinker's Hollow Sim

“If you had the power to create anything you thought, what would you think? And if every thought you thunk took form, where would you store all the stuff? Welcome to Tinkers Hollow. The eclectic trappings of an unusual mind filled with everything from toys and cards to gears and cogs. Who knows what might appear?”

~ Mayah Parx, owner of Epic Toy Factory (Quote from here)

Tinker's Hollow Lake

I think she did a wonderful job of creating a whimsical and unusual sim. It has elements that remind me of Alice in Wonderland as well as steampunk elements that I love and then a dash of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. There are kinds of hidden treasures lurking on this sim so be sure to stop and check it out before the Faire closes.

Tinker's Hollow Airship


Twilight Illusion

Twilight Illusion Sim

“The Realm of Twilight Illusion is a land divided. Rising out of a vast lake of lava, small islands pepper the view. Connected by rickety bridges the inhabitants make a life amid the hellish landscape of rotten vegetation, creepy trees, stinky mushrooms, bones, skulls and ravens. As sulfur and brimstone percolate below the breezes of the upper levels remind of sun and dew, welcoming the visitor into a flower filled meadow where worries are replaced with joy under rainbow skies and a picnic of nectar and honeyed cakes has been laid out by unseen hands.”

~ Merchants of Dreams owners Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan (Quote here)

Twilight Illusion Heaven

Eldowyn Inshan owns United InshCon  and  Sweetgwendoline Bailey owns ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ which make up The Merchants of Dreams along with MD Design. I love their sim concept and how it turned out. To me it has a heaven vs hell feel. Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, I wanted to use the sim lighting for each sim’s pictures and this sims windlight is pretty dark which fits its concept great.

Twilight Illusion Hell

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