#65 Solaris

Sorry no story today, but I was inspired by Lumae’s new skin and had to create a look to share with you all. Solaris is a group gift out at the mainstore and is a wonderful peek into her new skin-line. It’s tone made me think of the sun, as did the name. So here is what came of my sun inspiration. I think the new KOI Last Unicorn dress from EVE at Enchantments newest round looked wonderful paired with the skin.

#65 Solaris Close

I also wanted to show Adoness’ new hair, Baldur, which is out at Flower Power. Paired with Plastik’s Galaxie eyes and the particles, the look came together almost as good as I imagined. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoy it! Maybe she’ll speak her story to you when she has kept it secret from me.


Mesh Body/Hands/Feet โ€“ Belleza โ€“ย Venus V3

Mesh Head โ€“ย Lelutka โ€“ Stella

Shape โ€“ย  Lumaeย โ€“ Odette Shape (modified)

Skin โ€“ Lumae โ€“ Eirtaeย โ€“ย Solaris (@ mainstore as group gift)

Eyes โ€“ Plastik โ€“ Galaxie Eyes โ€“ย Starmap

Hair โ€“ย Adonessย – Baldur in Platinum Blonde ย with Rose ( @ Flower Power until Feb 26th)

Gold Cloth – EVE – KOI Last Unicorn in Gold (300L @ Enchantment until March 5th)

Particles – Cole’s Creation – Night of the Fireflies (I used both feet, halo, subtle aura, sprinkles glitter aura, and star-field. Also comes with hand dancers, comet, and storm aura, a more dramatic aura.)


Pose in Photo 1 โ€“ Something New Poses โ€“ย Hot Winds 2

Pose in Photos 2 โ€“ Something New Posesย – Desire Me

Skybox โ€“ Fallen Godsย โ€“ย Eternal Dome (a past event gift)

Windlight โ€“ย Annan Adored Tan Skin


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