Hey guys. I want to apologize to both my readers and my sponsors for my absence the last two months. I have been battling health issues (including many migraines), depression, stress, and what we thought was a rash but turned out to be bedbugs courtesy of the apartment below us. My computer has barely even been turned on in the past couple months. Now that my health issues are starting to get better and stress and bedbugs are gone, I just need to pull myself out of my funk and get inspired again. I have some looks I had put together but all of the events are long over now.

I am by no means stopping my blog. I still love taking photos and creating my characters. I just need to re-find my inspiration. I will likely take photos of the older looks I put together and post them but they may not have stories. I am going to shoot to have a post up later this week with current stuff from my sponsors.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I know we can’t always help what happens to us and I was thankful for all of the people who visited my blog and flickr while I was gone. If anyone has tips for getting out of blogger block I’d love to hear them. (It’s similar to writer’s block right?) *Hands out Hershey’s kisses to everyone!*

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