#44 Bastet

Bastet watched the young woman enter the temple and walk over to her altar. She knelt on the reed mat and adjust the baby strapped to her before laying a small mummified cat on the altar. She reached up and use a candle to light the bowl of incense. The woman smiled as she looked up at Bastet’s statue and began her prayer. She thanked Bastet for watching over her home and her latest pregnancy. She was grateful for her cat having a litter of kittens during her pregnancy. It had helped calm her to see the mother cat handle the birthing and care of her kittens. Sadly one of them had not made it and she hoped that Bastet would take care of him in his afterlife. The woman stood and pulled her son around to cradle him as he began to fuss for milk. She smiled and looked at the statue again and told it that she had named her son Tet and would raise him to be a gentle and protective man. Bastet smiled and after the woman left walked over to the altar and caressed the mummified kitten. It’s spirit appeared on the altar and meowed at her. She picked him up and kissed his forehead before setting him on the ground. An older cat spirit appeared in the doorway and called to the kitten. The kitten glanced back up at her and when she nodded took off after the other cat. Basted smiled and looking up at the sun left the temple to start her rounds.

#44 Bastet Comp

Credits: Mesh Body/Hands/Feet/Ankle Lock/Nails – Slink Physique, Slink Casual Hands, Slink Flat Feet Mesh

Head – Lelutka – Stella

Shape – Mine

Skin – Lumae – Adore – Bare in Pecan Tone

Hair – Ayashi – Kida – Brown Set (I tinted it to look darker)

Mask – Axix – Hari Mask in Old Gold  (@ The Fantasy Collective May Round)

Wrap Dress – !gO! – Moth in White (@ The Secret Affair May/June Round)

White Arm Bracelet/Ankh Bracelet – Daebaucheri – Child of the Sun Outfit/Jewelry

Belt/Neckpiece/Necklace/Stacked Gold Arm Bands/Stacked Gold Bracelets – Arwen’s Creations – Tiye Outfit/Jewelry

Pose in Photo 1 – Vestige – Model Default – Pose 4

Pose in Photo 2 – Vestige – Model Default 2 – Pose 9

Location – Lil Egypt

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