Hey guys! So I went to a really great Lindsey Stirling concert Monday night, however it was 4 hours away so we got home at 4 am and had to wake up at 6:30 am for work so I am going on almost no sleep and am utterly brain dead at the moment. So I will be doing two posts tomorrow night.

Sorry I do not have a photo to share but here is a teaser for tomorrow’s first post. I have mentioned that I love myths and legends and ancient civilizations. Well tomorrow we visit ancient egypt to visit one its most popular goddesses. In early times she was a war-goddess but later changed into a goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and love. Do you know her name?

The other post will be featuring my newest sponsor, Dark Passions! You’ve likely seen some of their items in my previous posts but now you will be seeing them even more. See you tomorrow night, I’m off to get some sleep.

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